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i-mmt 12-30-01 10:22 PM

Anti Pop Up Software
Does anyone know where to get some free anti pop up software? I had adsubtract se but I erased it by accident. Does anyone know where I can find it again?

Goat3001 12-30-01 10:34 PM

well I don't know about adsubtract but I used PopUpCop for 30 days, it works great imo

Steelers Fan 12-31-01 04:47 PM

I use Pop Up Killer I got it from PC World, here is the link


monkeyboy 12-31-01 05:41 PM

this is by far the best free pop up stopper i've used. no complaints whatsoever.


fmian 12-31-01 07:23 PM

I use AtGuard. It's a firewall, an ad banner blocker, and it can block javascript pop up boxes as well.

If you look around on the net you should be able to find the not so legal full version of it.

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