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i-mmt 12-26-01 02:24 PM

Morpheus Help
Every time I try to find the movie the center of the world I get wtc stuff. Has anybody been able to download the movie? and how did you find it? what did you type in?

jumbojp 12-26-01 03:33 PM

ARe you sure it is on Morpheus?

i-mmt 12-26-01 08:15 PM

Where else can it be?

jumbojp 12-26-01 11:52 PM

Morpheus is basically an FTP server, if there isn't a user that is sharing it , it isn't on there!

Have you seen it on there before?

monkeyboy 12-27-01 04:46 AM

there would be a couple ways to filter out world trade center stuff. the best way would be to click on 'more search options' > 'size' > 'at least 100,000kb' . most of the WTC files are probably going to be under 100 megs. any movies are going to be in excess of that. so by setting that filter, it'll only bring back results that are over 100meg.

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