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young 12-01-01 11:58 PM

newegg shipping?
i hadn't considered using newegg as i was going to purchase thru mwave but their prices seemed competitive or better. and all the good things said about them was nice.

but the shipping costs really add up!

two hard drives, cpu fan = $20 shipping
if you throw in a AMD 1600+, which has free shipping, the overall shipping goes up by a little more than a dollar. i had better order that separately!

btw, do they match prices?

jumbojp 12-02-01 04:43 PM

Don't think they price match

Usually the more items I add the cheaper the shipping gets from them. I have no idea why it doesn't work that way for you.

I have purchased from them alot and I usually receive my items in 2-3 days after the purchase and it is coming from across the country!

BT 12-03-01 01:29 PM

This has been brought to Newegg's attention before, about how the shipping prices add up cumulutively when putting several items in your cart. I think if you e-mailed or called them before ordering they could quote you a cheaper shipping rate.


Eeyore 12-04-01 12:28 PM

even though shipping is a tad higher than some of the other places for computer parts, newegg is FAST and at least in my experience you can tell what is in stock or OOS so you won't be sitting around waiting for something forever. even with the shipping added in, their prices are still usually the best. i'll also pay a few extra $$ over another store that ships UPS ground--i'd prefer not to have computer parts kicked around for a week before they arrive at my door :>

(i really don't work for newegg, i just love the place)

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