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Tanner 11-06-01 03:51 PM

Compaq Region Change
My compaq allows me to change the region on my DVD player 4 times. Is there a program, or any way in which i can change it as many times as i want? Why does it only give me 4 times? any info would be great. thanks.

Eplicon 11-06-01 03:59 PM

DVD Genie does that.


It will also depend on your DVD-R player...some don't work with the program.

X 11-06-01 04:12 PM

As Eplicon said, try DVD Genie if it supports whatever player your Compaq is using.

You might also have to do something about your DVD-ROM drive if it wants to region lock after 4 or 5 changes. Like find out who made it and flash it with new regionless firmware.

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