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AlainDelon 10-16-01 03:57 AM

Will .jpg,.bmp,.mp3,.htm & .doc run on Mac?
I'm going to visit family in Switzerland and they only have Imac's.If i burn jpg's & mp3's on a cd-r on my windows machine,will they run on the mac?I think i heard that you can run .doc or word files on mac's.Any info links?

mikehunt 10-16-01 11:00 AM

make sure you burn the disk as the right format (I think the ISO9000 or something like that) which doesn't use an OS specific file system on the disk
jpgs should be no problem, mp3s should be fine as long as there are mac mp3 players (which I'm sure there are), I'm pretty sure .doc files will be fine if there is a program on the mac that can open it
data files can almost always be read on any OS as long as there is a program that knows how to read it. Executables are the only ones that have major problems as they are processor and OS specific

TheBang 10-17-01 06:14 AM

mikehunt is right. Just burn the files onto a CD as you normally would for a PC. The iMac will automatically be able to read the PC CD-ROM. The .jpg and .bmp files will easily be read by PictureViewer (standard with QuickTime). The .mp3's can be played with any number of MP3 players on the Mac. QuickTime Player can handle it, as can MP3-specific applications such as Audion, SoundJam, iTunes, SoundApp, etc.

The Word .docs can be read without any conversion or changes as long as it was created on the PC with either Word 97 or Word 2000, and read on the Mac with Word 98 or Word 2001. (All 4 of those Word file formats are compatible with each other.)

.htm can, of course, be read with any web browser. Netscape, IE.

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