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ravan 10-14-01 09:36 PM

Which display to choose for a dell laptop?
14.1" TFT UXGA Display
14.1" SXGA+ TFT Display
14.1" TFT XGA Display

Which is best? What is the diff?


asabase 10-14-01 10:37 PM

The difference is in the native resolution of the LCD panel.

UXGA=1600x1200 (overkill on a 14.1" display IMO)
SXGA= 1280x960 or 1200x1024

I'd go with either of the last two. You really need a 19" monitor to use 1600x1200.

Kumar J 10-14-01 10:39 PM

Get this 14.1" SXGA+ TFT Display I have the 15.0" display and its clear enough but the icons tend to get smaller.:D

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