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shaun3000 10-10-01 08:48 PM

Whats a good free Usenet service?
As per the subject

I was rather surprised to see the pay thread. haha. Guess great minds all think alike. haha

bill_n_opus 10-11-01 12:57 AM

Free? Does Deja.com count?
I don't particularly like the way that Deja.com (Google owned now) works but it's the obvious way to hook up to Usenet for "free" not including the cost of internet.

I fondly remember the days of yore when I was in university and we used the text version of Usenet and it was much better I found.

palebluedot 10-11-01 08:31 AM

If you have a broadband connection(AT&T roadrunner) you can use the newsgroup through them. The address for my area is news.ne.mediaone.net

benedict 10-11-01 03:07 PM

Check out page two of the long napster thread in (I think) the Bargains Forum. Startide has posted - and kept updated - a number of informative articles.

benedict 10-11-01 03:34 PM

<A HREF="http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=88322&perpage=40&pagenumber=2">Link</a>

twikoff 10-11-01 07:13 PM

get the program "newsfinder"

it will try accessing thousands of free news servers and give you a listing of the ones you can access.. as well as a number of groups in each server.. then start testing some of the better ones..

you wouldnt believe how many of the pay services have free (no password needed) servers that people dont know about

dancinns 10-12-01 01:26 AM

This site has a plethora of information on free Usenet providers. Check it out: http://freenews.maxbaud.net/

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