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Startide 09-27-01 10:10 AM

Does anyone provide free wireless 802.11b for their neighborhood?
There was an interesting article about how a number of people are providing free wireless "ISP" service to people in their immediate neighborhood. Many nodes are passwordless so that anyone can easily use, but some are limited just to the neighbors who know the basic login sequence.


BT 09-27-01 05:23 PM

If I remember correctly this "free wi-fi" movement is fairly big in San Francisco. Certain groups were roaming around the downtown financial districts with laptops and scanners looking for wireless coverage over-spillage from companies that had deployed it.

You may want to do a search online for user-groups who advocate wireless internet sharing. They will usually have some sort of a map set up showing the spots where you can get coverage in your area.

Shay 09-27-01 11:31 PM

I have a wireless network, but do not provide it for free to my neighbors. That is unless someone has figured out how to hack it. You might want to check these sites out:


I am however considering signing up for this:


belboz 09-28-01 12:19 AM

I have a wireless segment set up, but the signal barely makes it off the property. I've walked around with my laptop to see just how far I could go and still get a signal and it wasn't very far.

I priced a couple of external directional antennas over a year ago. We have a friend who lives about a quarter mile away and we have line-of-sight from our rooftops. Those directional antennas theoretically would offer the range, but at the time they were definitely way too expensive.

Shay 09-28-01 12:36 AM

You might want to try these links for a cheap directional antenna. I cannot speak for how these work, but who knows.


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