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ghn01 09-26-01 08:38 AM

How can I unlock my DVD-rom to make it multiregion player?
I have a samsung DVD-rom, cd-rom,cd- writer combo, to begin with it played DVDs from any region but after five changes of region it locked itself on region 2. Is there any way that I can unlock it so that I can watch DVDs from other regions?

X 09-26-01 12:53 PM

A firmware "upgrade" may do what you want if one is available.

See if your model is here: http://perso.club-internet.fr/farzen.../dvd/combo.htm

Be very careful. Any mistakes while flashing can render your drive useless. Sometimes, if you just want one other region, it is better just to add a second DVD drive.

olie029 09-26-01 05:00 PM

can DVD genie help?

X 09-26-01 05:06 PM

Originally posted by olie029
can DVD genie help?
DVD genie will help if the locking is due to the software player locking itself. But it won't help a region-locked DVD drive. That's what the firmware change does.

mikehunt 09-26-01 06:53 PM

why do they even have different regions? why do the players have to lock up on one region. seems stupid to me. I used to have some links for messing with the rgions of dvdrom drives, I'll try to find them

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