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i-mmt 09-24-01 12:12 PM

I just got at&t broadband. Does anyone know how to disable to pop-ups?

Buffetman 09-24-01 12:47 PM

I uses AT&T, what pop ups are you getting?

matchpenalty 09-24-01 12:52 PM

in general you need popup killer software... search around here for some recs

i-mmt 09-24-01 02:00 PM

Whenever I long on I get all these "GOHIP" popups.

TheSilverSurfer 09-28-01 07:07 AM

try changing your homepage to yahoo or something that doesn't have pop ups...
In IE it's under tools / internet options / general tab / homepage
change it to http://www.yahoo.com...still get pop ups on log on??

craigjs 09-28-01 11:32 PM

This is a virus. I had it a few months back. Nothing too serious, it just changes your homepage and causes popups avery minute or so. Do a search on yahoo about the gohip virus. There is some software out there than can take it off your computer.

namja 09-29-01 01:04 PM

Also, don't install the software that came with the AT&T broadband. Just change the settings (computer name & domain) and use your IE to browse.

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