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McHawkson 09-14-01 07:27 PM

What do you think??
About 1.2 GHz AMD Athlon Processor with Iwill motherboard for $179 (at Fry's)?

*AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz Boxed CPU @ 266MHz FSB
*Iwill KK266 Plus motherboard featuring:
- VIA KT133A Chipset with Socket A Interface
- 1 (4x) AGP; 6 PCI; 1 ISA Slots
- 3 DIMM Slots for up to 1.5 GB of PC133 Memory
- ATA 100 Hard Drive Support
- 6 channel Hardware Sound
- SPDIF adapter available (Not Included)

So, is it good or what?

TheSilverSurfer 09-14-01 10:53 PM

Perhaps this isn't what you'd want to hear...but I wouldn't do and AMD if my life depended on it...
but hey...it's your choice...you'll always have guys like me who like one over the other in both realms.

McHawkson 09-14-01 11:07 PM

No, it's not my choice (I'm much Intel person). I was asking because I'm little behind on all hardwares, I don't know if AMD has improved or not.

Decipher 09-16-01 09:26 PM

You can always go to the amd webpage to see if its amd recomended. You can never go wrong w/ amd recomended items.

Kumar J 09-16-01 09:45 PM

For my first time setup I used I will and found it very easy to set up and also to tweak.The Mobo is a good choice from what i heard from amdmb forums!

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