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gusamo 09-04-01 10:04 PM

Are there any programs that will boost a 56K internet connection?
I saw a few different ones at downlaod.com, but I am not sure if they work. What info. do you guys have? Do any of them work?

Poo Poo 09-05-01 01:16 AM

Windows 9X comes with the TCP/IP properties set to make maximum effiency of a LAN connection. Many of the programs that are offered change those TCP/IP properties in your computer's registry so that they are optimized for a 56k connection. Sometimes there is an improvement, sometimes there isn't.

Remember, a 56K modem can only connect at a max of about 48,000 bps legally, which is just about 6 K/second. If your downloads are in the 4 - 5 KBps range then you're pretty straining your 56K connection to the max and there isn't much you can do to improve your speed, although you might be able to improve your ping time using the above-mentioned programs.

UWSarge 09-05-01 01:27 AM

I use a program called "Proxomitron." Doesn't really boost anything, but supresses things in webpages like banner ads, pop-ups, etc. It actually works as a proxy, so it works on any browser. Helps me out on my slow 28.8 connection when browsing. Highly customizable as well.


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