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Decipher 09-01-01 01:45 PM

wave editors
There are plenty of them out there but which ones can remove voices from songs? i cant find one...anyone help me out if you can!!

- Decipher

X 09-01-01 02:25 PM

Karaoke anyone?

There are analog devices that can do a decent job. But if you already have the .wav or .mp3 file and the voice is fairly equal volume on both tracks (assuming stereo), you can invert one track and mix them together to a new file. Check to see if a specific wave editor has that feature. I believe CoolEdit does.

If mono, you will have to play with equalization to remove midranges. I did find a WinAMP plug-in but I've never used it:

AlienDSP v2.0b2 [208k] W9x/NT FREE



"We come in peace. Take us to your player." Aliens have landed,
and they're looking for a new sound. Do you have what they're
listening for? You got any llamas lying around? Okay, WinAmp
oughta do just fine. Install this plugin, load in a song, and apply
effects to it in real-time. Remove voice tracks, change the
amplitude modulation and pitch, add echoes and reverb, etc..
Each setting is customizable, and you can load multiple effects at
the same time.

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