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Rain Man 08-25-01 06:26 AM

quiet keyboard?
Does anyone know the make/model of a keyboard that is quiet, and preferrably available in black?

Goblincat 08-25-01 09:41 AM

I have a black Dell Quiet Key keyboard at work that came with a laptop docking station. They might sell them at the Dell site.

X 08-25-01 01:05 PM

The $20 IBM Active Response keyboard I got at Best Buy is black (or white) and quiet.

twikoff 08-25-01 01:41 PM

we get the dell quiet key keyboards with all orders at work.. and they are pretty quiet

lately, all the systems they send come with black boxes, black monitors, black keyboards, black mice...

that sucks for a large company.. because as soon as people notice one or two other people have black monitors, mice, or keyboards.. they think they should have one too..

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