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problem with new GeForce3

Old 08-20-01, 03:36 PM
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problem with new GeForce3

I've got a problem with my new Gainward CardExpert GeForce3 vid card (with DVI). Every now and then, it just stops outputing signal to my monitor (my monitor reports "no signal received....."). When it does that, I have to unplug the computer and plug it back in to reboot - neither CAD or the power off button do anything. Additionally, sometimes after exiting from Counter-Strike the picture also goes out, but this time my screen just goes all white. However, when this happens I can CAD to shut down, even though nothing ever shows up on the screen.
So far I have checked gainward .com for new drivers, but I seem to have the latest ones. Also, I had overclocked the core speed and mem speed of the card using the tool that was included. But I have since reset it to the default speeds, but that hasn't seemed to help.

Computer Specs:
PII 450
256 pc100 ram
planar 17.4 flat panel monitor (connected via DVI)

The next thing I might try is connecting the monitor with the regular analog way. But other than that, I don't know what to do other than try re-formatting.
Any ideas?
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Old 08-20-01, 07:20 PM
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Re: problem with new GeForce3

Originally posted by Kakkarat
So far I have checked for new drivers, but I seem to have the latest ones.
Have you checked Nvidia reference drivers are updated much more frequently than other companies drivers (they base their drivers on Nvidia's builds anyways). I believe a new Detonator driver was just released recently. Try that and see if that doesn't help. Nvidia's drivers tend to be excellent.
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Old 08-21-01, 11:19 AM
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I saw that nvidia is releasing the v4 of their drivers right after I posted this. I'll try them as soon as I can.
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Old 08-22-01, 11:25 AM
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you might want to try a few of these
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Old 08-22-01, 11:39 PM
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Is it possible you have a cooling problem or even a power supply problem?

have you tried more fans or even removing the side of the computer and using a desk fan as a temporary solution to better cooling?

what power supply do you have? how many watts is it?
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Old 08-23-01, 01:11 PM
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Update: I updated the drivers to the latest from the link (to After I got them installed and rebooted, I booted all the way up, and then the screen went black. It lasted for about 10 sec, and then the image flickered back, and then went black again. The keyboard still operated (I was able to restart normally), but the image never came back. Still happened on next reboot.
I then tried switching from the DVI connection to the analog - and it works perfectly. NO problems since then.
Any clue as to the component that's the culprit - the card, the cable, or the monitor? I can't really narrow it down since I don't have any other cards or monitors with DVI connections. I'll try contacting the maker of my monitor (planar) and ask if they know of any problems. I hear their cust service is really good.

gcribbs - I'm not sure about the power supply, and I can't check now. Also, I have not tried more cooling. I'm going to try following this connection problem first. How much power do the geforce3 cards need?
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