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Is my computer store telling the truth?

Old 08-17-01, 04:00 PM
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Is my computer store telling the truth?

I was considering buying an OEM chip off the net since I have a Volcano 5 heatsink/fan already. I am considering a 950MHz T-bird right now for performance/value rating.

The other day my local shop told me CPU's are graded on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the best.

They said most OEM chips are of the lesser quality(3 and up) and retail chips are usually higher quality(2 and lower) and that I should get a retail box chip. They also said all there chips are graded at least a 2 and are retail boxed.

I was wondering if there is any truth to this or if they are just trying to get me to buy the chip from them for an extra $38?

What do you think I should do, buy it local for $100.00 or on the net for $62?

Thanks for any help
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Old 08-17-01, 04:25 PM
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Retail will get you a longer warranty. How much is that worth to you?
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Old 08-17-01, 04:55 PM
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For $62 I am not too concerned about the warranty length as long as it works for a few months. I am planning on upgrading again in about 6-8 months anyway once some new processors come out and the current ones go down in price again.

The shop is great and very helpful and I would like to purchase from them(I did get the Volcano 5 there), but if I buy the majority on the net I can probably save a couple hundred on the system I am putting together. I have already saved about $70 over their price and that is just on the case, processor and sound card so far!

I may buy the motherboard from them(for the extra $35) since I will be keeping that for a while and if something goes wrong it would be nice to get it fixed locally.

Any flaws in my plan or any suggestions?
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Old 08-17-01, 05:21 PM
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OEM is the same as retail except OEM usually come with shorter warranty and no original box and softwares.

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Old 08-18-01, 07:44 AM
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i used to work at a computer store and i'm pretty sure that retail are better than OEM.
that said, i've been using OEMs all my life, and have had no complaints.

i think retail cpus are more OC'able, and have a longer warranty (thats why they cast more as well)
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Old 08-18-01, 10:42 AM
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I have had access to a small shop's distributor files before and have some observations.

The so-called "grading" is not an industry standard.

The shop is probably not "lying" but is simply oversimplifying the details to you in order to avoid an extended discussion. Some distributors may grade the levels of parts that they sell to small shops and these "dealer only" price bulletins may be the source of the small dealer's comment of "5 levels" of chips.

COMMENT: name-brand memory will typically come with a sticky label with that brand on it. For example, all of my Kingston memory sticks have a small kingston label stuck to them.
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