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Wireless Question?

Old 08-13-01, 01:27 PM
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Wireless Question?

I have a co-worker who is looking to setup a cable modem to his laptop. He wants to go wireless with the unit.

What does he need to buy?

I saw some good deals on the SMC Wireless hub, and cards and stuff. Does he need a workstation or does the cable modem hook directly into his Wireless hub?

Thanks everyone
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Old 08-13-01, 07:14 PM
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A wireless connection on a laptop is a wonderful thing. I wrote a long ass article about my WaveLAN cards on epinions a long time ago. My ID there is the same as it is here, in case you're interested.

To answer your question, what he needs to buy depends on what he already has. There are three components to a wireless setup: the wireless network adapter card(s), a wireless bridge, and a hub.

If your friend already has a hub connected to the cable modem, then all he needs is a wireless bridge and the wireless network adapter card(s). The bridge plugs into the hub and allows the wireless cards to talk to any wired devices, including the cable modem.

If he's currently connecting his laptop directly to the cable modem, then he can buy a Wireless hub like the one you mentioned. Those wireless hubs have the bridge integrated into the hub so you don't have to buy one seperately.

Personally, I prefer the bridge and hub be seperate. That way, I can put the bridge in the middle of the house so that I can get full signal strength in every room. When I put the bridge next to the hub in the computer room (which is in a corner room), the room at the opposite corner of the house gets a weaker signal and requires the data rate to be stepped down.

BTW, the only wireless standard you should seriuosly consider is wireless ethernet (802.11b). It's mature and works very well. Just get products that are WECA "Wi-Fi" certified and you won't have any problems with interoperability.
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Old 08-14-01, 09:27 AM
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thank you very much I guess we both(co-worker and I) learned something.

I am sure he will be very happy. I love this forum. It is good to see someone who is so knowlegeable and knows what they are talking about.

Yet, you simplyfy it w/o anyone getting lost.

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