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Building a new PC. Opinions on parts please.

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Building a new PC. Opinions on parts please.

I'm getting ready to build myself a new PC. My second that I will have built from ground up for myself. I want to spend around $500 - $700. The following are the parts I need:

Processor - Min 1GHZ
Memory - DDR
Motherboard - ATA 100 built in.
Videocard - Big time gamer but don't want to spend $350 for a good card.
Harddrive - Min ATA 100

Please post any and all opinions on what you all think is the best for the price range. Thanks!
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Re: Building a new PC. Opinions on parts please.

Originally posted by tbird2340


Cases are real personal so I'll just say that I like th Enlight 7237's I've been using. It does pay to make sure you get a good power supply and seeing it listed on Intel's/AMD's qualified list can be reassuring.

Processor - Min 1GHZ

For a home user/gamer, it's hard to beat Athlon's value. The 1.2 GHz Athlon is probably the sweet spot right now at just over $100. The extra money for a faster CPU is better spent on a faster video card nowadays.

Memory - DDR

Check out Crucial. Top quality and reasonable pricing. Right now they've got 2 x 128 MB PC2100 DIMMs for $47 and free shipping.

Motherboard - ATA 100 built in.

Your options for an Athlon DDR mainboard chipset are (listed in order of preference): AMD 760, Via KT266, SiS 735, Ali Magik. The SiS 735 benchmarks as the fastest of the bunch, but it's new and SiS hasn't had the best track record for compatibility and stability. I'd favor the AMD 760's proven performance in those areas over a few extra percentage points in performance. Asus (a7m266 ~$160) is always highly recommended for a good reason. MSI (k7master ~$140) has also been making a good name for themselves lately.

Videocard - Big time gamer but don't want to spend $350 for a good card.

The Radeon 2 is rumored to debut next week at Siggraph. Even if that's true, I'm not sure when it'll actually start shipping or what the SRP is going to be. Hopefully, in any case, the competition will at least prompt nVidia to lower the cost of Geforce 3 boards a bit. If you're buying today though, Geforce 2 Pro boards are a good value.

Harddrive - Min ATA 100

IBM 60GXP or Western Digital 800BB are tops as far as performance goes, though WD burned a lot of people a few years ago with a batch of bad Caviars and there have been an awful lot of noise from unhappy IBM 75GXP (older version of the 60GXP) owners of late.
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