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Can someone help me with my computer?

Old 07-30-01, 05:49 PM
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Can someone help me with my computer?

A couple of days ago, my computer started acting up. When I right click a link to open in a new window, it takes a long time. I was worried about a virus but I've scanned with both Norton and McAfee and both say the computer is clean. I also went to the link to scan for SirCam and that said it wasn't present either. When I tried to scandisk it said it had started over 10 times and that I should close all programs because windows or another program was writing to that drive. This sounds just like what happened when I had a worm before. Today I added memory and now it doesn't recognize my CD-RW drive or my DVD rom. What can I do? I can't lose everything on my computer again. Could it be something besides a virus? I would appreciate any help; I'm really desperate.

Edit: Ok, I screwed up. I made the two drives not work. When I added my memory I had to unplug my hard drive to get the memory in and apparently I plugged the wrong end back into it when I put it back. There were two ends that were attached and of course, I chose the wrong one. Both CD-RW and DVD drives are now working. I also did what was suggested in another thread and downloaded Kaspersky Anti-Virus program and it found that Norton had two viruses in quarantine even though my Norton was showing nothing in quarantine. I had it fix it and now everything is running well. BTW, I tried McAfee, PC Housecalls, & Norton and none of them told me that. Thanks for all the help!

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Old 07-30-01, 09:10 PM
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Try running scandisk in dos mode. When you start the computer, start pushing the F8 key during the bios screen until a dos menu appears. Start at the dos prompt and run scandisk there. After you run scandisk then run defrag. Then let me know what happens. Good Luck.
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Old 07-30-01, 10:24 PM
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When I push F8 at startup, it asks if I want to start Windows ME in Normal Mode, Safe Mode, and two other choices. Nothing that says anything about starting in dos. Should I make one of those other choices?
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Old 07-30-01, 10:55 PM
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Start it up in safe mode and run your scandisk from there. Your screen will be all funky looking in safe mode but that is normal.
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Old 07-30-01, 11:09 PM
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It did run a scandisk in safe mode, but then when it restarted I got the message "NAV Auto-Protect Unable to initialize the virus scanning engine database files." It said I needed to reinstall Norton Anti-Virus which I can't do because it doesn't recognize that I have a CD or DVD drive. This is very frustrating.
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Old 07-30-01, 11:17 PM
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If the drive was working fine before the "funkiness" started, you may have a virus. I had a similar virus last year, the bugger went and changed the registry settings so that the RUN command looked for a dummy executeable. It also removed my floppy and CD drives, thus removing the ability to reinstall any anti-virus software via autorun. I would give the computer manufacturer a call (assuming you are under a warranty blaket).
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personally i would reinstall win me

you will lose everything but it will also overwrite any virus files.

also you can try to save any important files by moving them to a floppy. just make sure you have a new virus file and check them before using them

good luck
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How can I reinstall Win ME when it won't recognize my CD or DVD drive? I tried going to add new hardware and it said there wasn't any. I don't know how else to make it recognize those drives again.
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Odd, I've had a similar experience with Win2K. Everything else runs fine, and I've just done a complete reinstall thanks to the sale at BB on 30 gig drives. The right click menu in IE comes up 2-3 seconds after hitting it. It was doing it for a few months prior to the clean install, and was doing it right after the new install. I'm thinking it is some sort of software conflict with something else I use. Just not sure what...
Edit: No loss of drives on mine..
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