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How many digital titles in your collection?

Old 07-20-18, 10:40 PM
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How many digital titles in your collection?

I know this was done in 2017, but wanted to update since it has seemingly gotten larger and wanted to include a poll...

According to Vudu, i have 1,528 movies and shows 58 tv shows, but i don't think that includes individual seasons, just show as 1, either way.

i only have and was actually surprised i only have 1,740 blurays.

i don't know how digital blew up to me, but it is almost surpassing my physical, which is fine, cause i ain't got no more room and no way i'm becoming another Alan Smithee. it really is so much more convenient and i really love the Vudu interface and picture and sound always seem fine to me...
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Old 07-20-18, 11:56 PM
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Re: How many digital titles in your collection?

I have a couple hundred and that's with a shared account.
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Old 07-21-18, 02:21 AM
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Re: How many digital titles in your collection?


I maintain my physical media collection, got more than plenty of room just like I did ten years ago.

And yeah, I'll take quality over convenience any day.

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Old 07-21-18, 12:27 PM
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Re: How many digital titles in your collection?

I have 355 movies/39 TV series - all on Vudu.

I have to confess available space is a huge issue - I put everything except my 4K titles and my Criterion titles into Artisan storage albums. I pretty much only buy 4K and Criterion these days. Everything else is digital.
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Old 07-21-18, 03:05 PM
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Re: How many digital titles in your collection?

I'm done with physical media. I've been eBaying my disc collection, but it's taking a long time because I'm lazy. Probably still have 2000+ discs left, most are in boxes in storage. Eventually, I'll probably sell them off as large bundles.

We moved into this house about 3 years ago, and haven't hooked up any Bluray/DVD players. Every TV has a Roku. I have an Xbox One, but never used the disc drive. All games and movies have been downloads or streaming.
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Old 07-21-18, 07:13 PM
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Re: How many digital titles in your collection?

I had about 1000 Blu Ray's and another 1000 regular DVD's before I found VUDU.

I currently have like 1030 VUDU icons...many are multiple movies on the same icon. I'd put my VUDU collection in the 1200 range. Most are movies...not too many TV shows, but a few.

I'm done with physical media myself. No need for it. I packed my DVD/Blu-Ray collection and packed it away in a closet. I still have to pull one out once in a great while to watch something thats not available on VUDU.
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