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Giantrobo 05-08-14 01:46 PM

Season Pass XBOX Video...Missing Ep
So the other day we got the Season Pass for Bates Motel Season 2 on XBOX Video. But then we noticed Episode 8 is missing. Ep 9 is there but clearly 8 is missing. I haven't checked since Monday but I doubt it suddenly popped up.

I Googled this and found lots of angry complaints about missing eps of various shows for folks who bought SP's but no solutions. Has this happened to anyone here? What did you do?

Dan 05-08-14 01:56 PM

Re: Season Pass XBOX Video...Missing Ep
When I log into Xbox Video and go to Season 2 of that show, I see this:

Episodes 6 and 9 are missing completely; you can't even buy them individually.

Sounds like some sort of database issue. Have you tried to contact MS about it?

edit: and for what it's worth, I can't buy Season 2 as a "season pass," only Season 1. That's on the website, but I can check on my Xboxes later...

Giantrobo 05-08-14 02:32 PM

Re: Season Pass XBOX Video...Missing Ep
Wow. Yeah on the actual XBOX video it shows all but ep 8. I'm going over to the xbox site to see if it shows the same.

EDIT: On the site it shows ALL eps 1-10 and it seems current. None are missing. I'll have to see what it shows on my XBOX tonight.

I just looked up American Horror Story S3 and it only shows ep 7. I'm pretty sure I've seen all the eps for that season listed on XBOX so maybe the database is acting up as you suggested.

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