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dvd-4-life 02-03-20 04:29 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices
It's a Toshiba.

OldBoy 02-03-20 07:24 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices
i know i asked this before, but is there anyway to shut off an Amazon firestick while plugged in HDMI of TV or because TV is on the firestick is powered always? i can put it to sleep, but it thats very temporary. i just want to shut off while tv is on and only on when i use. thanks in advance.

MLBFan24 02-03-20 07:54 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices
Shut off is not an option if the device's power cord is still plugged in. You'll have to unplug the power cord if you want it "off"

I usually put mine to sleep, and when I switch to another input channel (to use the BD player for example), I assume it's still asleep. Other than that, I can't tell if it's still asleep or not, since there's no light indicator on the device itself.

I understand when I switch back to the Firestick input, the home screen should show up right away. I selected the Firestick input, thus, it should "awake" from sleep mode.

OldBoy 02-03-20 09:00 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices
Yeah, figured. I guess ok. Just don’t want to burn it out or something. I guess it’s fine. When I hit inputs on my tv it shows all inputs that are active and that input called Firestick, almost always shows as active...

RichC2 02-03-20 09:09 PM

Re: Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices

Originally Posted by dvd-4-life (Post 13682013)
It's a Toshiba.


Does that work?

dvd-4-life 02-04-20 05:47 AM

Re: Amazon Fire TV Streaming Devices
Yeah I messed with that before and nothing happened ,however I didn't know if you shut it off then it might work.

I will try it next time I watch a laserdisc or DVD-R.


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