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jimisham 03-03-13 10:21 PM

Subtitles And/Or Closed Captioning
I'm trying to get subtitles or closed captioning working from a Sony Wi-FI DVR to a Samsung LN52A750 LCD TV.
I've tried two movies, Disgrace and Touching Home , both which are listed by Netflix as having Subtitles. Subtitles nor CC will work through the video out to the video in of the TV.
If these are true Subtitles, they should work through the HDMI cable. If Closed Captioning they should work through the Component jacks or the Video jack if the HDMI cable is disconnected.
I don't know if they're true Subtitles or actually Closed Captioning? At any rate, neither seem to work.
Any suggestions on how to get it to work? I've tried the different CC settings in the TV.

TheBigDave 03-03-13 10:43 PM

Re: Subtitles And/Or Closed Captioning
I did a quick test of Disgrace on my Roku and the Subtitles worked fine for me.

When you play a movie at Netflix, you have to select Audio & Subtitles and make sure the Subtitles (or CC) are switched on.


If that doesn't work, you might be able to find the more help at the Sony Community:


Ranger 03-03-13 11:44 PM

Re: Subtitles And/Or Closed Captioning
yeah the tv cc is only for analog cc like analog cable, vhs, or dvds or digital cc like over the air digital channels.

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