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Scott27 12-18-00 06:01 PM

I want to use the last $10 off 30 coupon for new customers that is still active at Buy. If I buy a webcertificate with my credit card, and use that, along with a new e-mail address, would they accept the Webcert with the new customer coupon? Thanks.

LuCiFeR 12-18-00 06:14 PM

ya new cc + new email = new cusomter
but use ecount.com [parent company of webcertificate] its same as webcertificate you can open yourself a new account and add money to it and they'll give you a new mastercard #

Scott27 12-18-00 06:55 PM

I'd rather just go with Webcert, it's just for 1 time. A webcert counts as a new cc, right?

Knives 12-19-00 01:19 AM


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