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Illinois Enema Bandit 12-02-00 11:37 AM

Has anybody received the Python set yet from their pre-orders? I've got one at buy.com which is still in the "on order" status, and I've heard stuff about the demand for this item being greater than anticipated. Not to mention the street date seems to vary depending on which site you check

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Scheherazade 12-02-00 12:49 PM

I haven't from buy.com, it has said "Sent to the Wharehouse" for 2 months now. It's really beginning to irk me. If I could find it at a local store (I heard Costcos got it a month ago) I'd cancel in a minute but I can't.

All this hype I hear about buy.com shipping early and my first order with them ships a month later (hopefully not longer than that) than other people were getting it for the same price. Go figure.


Mister Beefhead 12-02-00 01:40 PM

Got mine today.

bboisvert 12-02-00 01:55 PM

Got a shipping notice from 800.com today...

Slumbering Fist 12-02-00 01:57 PM

Mine, from buy, shipped Thursday and should arrive today or Monday.

UPDATE: Well, i go to the mailbox, (conjur the imagery please, the sky has cast over gray, the first snow is falling, leaves scamper across the ground, propelled by a bitter wind) and there it is, my box set has arrived in all its gloriousness. Guess i know what i'll be doing this weekend if i get snowed in.

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Kenwood 12-02-00 06:43 PM

Received mine yesterday

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bloozebro 12-02-00 07:26 PM

Recieved mine yesterday.

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RDYoung 12-02-00 08:03 PM

I haven't received mine yet...

Knives 12-02-00 08:56 PM

Recieved today from buy.com! http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Movie_Man 12-04-00 12:46 PM

I was quite surprised to see it sitting on my doorstep Saturday.
Happy it showed up, and a bit peeved that it was left in plain view on the front porch.

KyleB 12-04-00 01:09 PM

Mine has not shipped.. I placed the order on 10/20 (too early to have the chance to get free shipping!)

RDYoung 12-04-00 02:13 PM

Called a csr who checked and apparently mine is scheduled for delivery tomorrow, so we shall see...

billolmesdahl 12-04-00 03:42 PM

I just got a confirmation today that said mine had shipped on 12/1. We'll see when it arrives.

Illinois Enema Bandit 12-04-00 03:45 PM

Aha! A dead parrot arrived on my doorstep today, loving packaged from buy.com. Time to get silly http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/wink.gif

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billolmesdahl 12-05-00 08:13 AM

Mine was on my doorstep when I got home yesterday. Now I'll have something to do over Christmas vacation!

weargle 12-05-00 01:43 PM

Got mine yesterday from buy.com

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