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zillywilly 12-01-00 12:42 AM

Anybody out there remember the promotion that More.com (now no longer) ran where you bought $50.00 worth of items (I think) and got a $25.00 SuperCertificate from Gift Certificates.com??

Well, I did it ... probably about 6 months ago. I was holding on to it to use for Christmas (MISTAKE #1).

Well, lo and behold, I go to use it and it says it's already been redeemed. A call to their customer service says that in April, a Thomas in South Carolina was so kind to have used it FOR ME!!

Giftcertificates.com won't do anything about it, and More.com won't do anything about it. Never mind that I've got this stupid little card IN my hands, they are convinced that I gave it to dear Thomas in SC. And, since More.com (now healthcentralrx I think) is based in VA, I'm guessing some stupid JERK decided to copy a few of the numbers down before packing the boxes of drugstore items that night.

Anybody else out there experience this same problem, have any luck in getting it resolved? Guess I shouldn't have waited so long to use it, but I sure didn't think it would have been used by someone clear across the US from me. I guess that's how wonderful some ingenious people out there are who like to try and break the codes for GC's people already have in their possession.

To Thomas in South Carolina - if you're reading this ... please take a flying leap off your nearest bridge. You've definitely made MY Christmas.

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