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clintfunhome 03-04-20 03:00 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
I was just checking the inventory last night. I would say they sold off 2/3rds of their inventory. For example, I was looking at their Horror collection, it was 19 pages long, and now it's 8. I'm pretty sure their total inventory was 19,000+ last night and now it's 4,000. The prices seemed to go up and this is a completely fake sale as well.

I made 4 seperate orders since 2/25 and they're all still "in process". Second Spin is usually extremely fast for me. I hope they don't get canceled.

js2shops 03-06-20 10:23 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
There were all kinds of warning signs the past couple of weeks. The first was that coupons/sales became terrible and lasted for a week or more, when typically it was 3-4 days, tops. By the time it got to this "final" sale, the inventory was already obliterated. I'm willing to wager most of it was sold off to someone else in the past month or so.

This has all the hallmarks of the CompUSA closing, with prices going up. Fun.

I will miss this company, never had a problem with a used product, shipping was fast, and everything was dirt cheap. What a shame. Physical media is so dead. First Hastings, now this.

DJariya 03-06-20 10:51 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
If you have a Book-Off in your area, they are probably your best bet now to sell and buy used product. I've sold there many times, although the prices are not great. You can basically get 50 cents for your DVDs, $1 to $2 for your BDs.

rjh_54 03-09-20 09:56 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?

Originally Posted by DeanoBKN (Post 13694931)
All the FYE's in my area have closed down except for 1, and while they still have a pretty large space to work with, their CD selection is almost non-existent at this point, with movies DVD/Blu-ray shrinking as well. They definitely let "trend" merchandise take over the store. Toys, plush, POP! Vinyl, and clothing is the vast majority of their stock now. Cool store to browse if you got time to kill, but rarely has anything you can't pick up online for cheaper. I still have memories of visiting this location at it's peak 20 years ago. It was practically an anchor store for the mall, with a decent sized arcade attached to a HUGE music/movie store.

Looks like we're both from Connecticut. I know the exact location you're talking about and I also used to frequent it, and at its peak I always walked out with tons of stuff. It's so sad how it's now just all overpriced "trendy" merch.

I always found many aspects of FYE / SecondSpin's business model to be completely off. Aside from the pricing, the worst was that they would decline products they were apparently "overstocked" on that they deemed worth only a penny (despite not having any copies in stock), and their used prices are not competitive at all. Even if they offered $0.20 for common ("overstocked") titles and sold them for $1.00 they'd still be making a small profit. Stack that with some of the deals they'd have (BOGO 50% off, etc) and maybe they'd move more discs. I haven't sold to an FYE store in about a year and a half. Last time I went I was told they were being more selective and trade-in values had gone down despite choosing store credit. After getting about $0.50 each for somewhat newer / still popular titles I decided I was pretty much done with them.

I will miss SecondSpin's online presence, though. I've been ordering from them on and off for about 15 years and their customer service was always efficient in resolving issues. Selling was always pretty easy too, and I always liked that I could sell off my more common titles that weren't worth selling on eBay or Discogs. The $0.35 resurfacing fee was a joke (there have been times were I bought CDs or DVDs that were marked as being resurfaced even though they clearly weren't).

I'd say I'll start selling to Decluttr more, but now it looks like even they're being super selective with titles they're accepting -rolleyes-

clintfunhome 03-09-20 09:14 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
i received two of my last four orders. not sure why it took so long (maybe they laid off the staff slowing things down) but atleast i got them. the other two say they were shipped.

andicus 03-17-20 04:06 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
We were all aware, but here is the dreaded confirmation. Damn it.

And FYE will continue, apparently. So why did Sunrise buy this, just to shut down SecondSpin, and keep the much shittier FYE going?


BobO'Link 03-17-20 07:54 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
While not unexpected it sucks. I've never been impressed with FYE as their used prices are typically on the high side with few coupon offers, if any. Looks like I'll be using decluttr far more often going forward.

DJariya 03-17-20 07:59 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Highly unlikely right now that anyone is buying back product right now.

b2net 03-18-20 10:06 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
According to the email I received, they are offering 40% off now. They called it Good Buys Then Goodbye.


clintfunhome 04-02-20 08:10 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Lastest discount is 60% off. The prices are decent now but selection is still a bit lame

andicus 04-02-20 09:35 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Well, yeah. Selection is going to be poor because they're clearing out their stock.

I've got one item left in my favourites (from about 50, at one point), but it's not worth purchasing due to shipping cost.

joe_b 04-04-20 02:12 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?
I always loved Second Spin, but I hadn't placed an order with them in four years. The sales were usually decent, but I just decided to cut back on physical media in general.

I'm positive I still had a few bucks in store credit left on my account, but it's not showing up when I log in. Not too bothered, since it was barely enough to cover shipping and I don't see anything left worth buying anyway. Still, it's a shame to see them go. I'm thankful for the good deals they provided over the years.

clintfunhome 04-07-20 01:58 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
They're officially closed now. I was able to make a couple of orders a few days ago when the 60% off sale started. Still a bummer.

asianxcore 04-07-20 03:17 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
When visiting my family, my Dad & I used to love going to the Second Spin store in Costa Mesa, CA to pick-up films. Picked up some great used BDs & DVDs the last 2 times I was down there.

They always had the same stickers as FYE, so I assumed they were related.

Sad to lose another Physical Media Store for used items.

andicus 04-07-20 03:50 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Well, what a shit year this has been, so far.

The Questyen 04-12-20 09:50 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Here in my area of Arizona we still have tons of used media stores. Zia Records, Bookmans, Half Price Books, FYE, The House of Used. I've still got like 7 or 8 mom & pop video game stores within a 15-20 minute drive also.

andicus 04-13-20 12:03 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?
I have one, locally. The problem is, they don't have a way for me to just check if any titles I'm looking for are currently available, without driving to the store and physically thumbing through the used section.

Nor do they tend to have anything like the selection, or frequent addition of new product that SS offered.

DVD Josh 04-13-20 08:51 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?
We have a 2nd and Charles which has a ton of inventory but mostly is quite overpriced. I usually wait until they have some kind of sale. There is also an FYE at the mall but I'm almost certain they won't be re-opening after the virus passes.

BobO'Link 04-13-20 01:41 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Outside pawn shops the only place we *used* to have here was Hastings. Sad part is most online stores were about what Hastings charged in store *after* the online added shipping. Hastings online was pretty good and shipped from stores around the country. I never understood how they'd put $15 on a title in the store yet sell it online for $5. I'd say that's one of the reasons they went under but those inflated local store prices didn't help.

I don't bother with pawn shops as it's more trouble than it's usually worth to drive around town and thumb through what they have.

mndtrp 04-13-20 01:42 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
2nd and Charles isn't much different than a first-run media store as far as I can tell. Yeah, it's used, but still priced like mostly new. They often have free stuff available in a bin by their doors, and I've picked up stuff for my kids if I'm in the area. Outside of that, I have a Black & Read sorta near me. It's been years since I've been in there but they have all kinds of items at good prices. I'd hate to see them go, despite being fully aware that me not buying from them makes me part of the problem if they do go out of business.

mallratcal 04-29-20 08:45 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Damn, I used them for most of my used media collection (obv not in the last little while) missed their sales too. :(

asianxcore 05-03-20 11:38 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?

Originally Posted by The Questyen (Post 13722559)
Here in my area of Arizona we still have tons of used media stores. Zia Records, Bookmans, Half Price Books, FYE, The House of Used. I've still got like 7 or 8 mom & pop video game stores within a 15-20 minute drive also.

I went to the Zia Records in Las Vegas, NV while visiting a few years back. Really awesome store!

Northern California is really spread out regarding where you can get used media, namely Blu-Rays, DVDs, Laserdiscs, etc.

There are still a decent amount of stores focused in San Francisco, The East & South Bay (and parts of Santa Cruz), mainly Rasputin Music, Amoeba Records (though the Berkeley store has paired down considerably) and Streetlight Records. I'm fortunate to live about 19-20 miles from a Rasputin Music.

Sacramento got hit insanely hard by the closing of 7 Dimple Records stores last year.

Alan Smithee 05-07-20 11:53 AM

Re: Second Spin closing?
Yep, and that was all so the owners could retire- they should've known the industry was in critical condition and sold their operation to someone who would've kept it going, even if they didn't make as much from it as they did from liquidating. They weren't a great store anyways- it was rumored that Rasputin was going to move into one of their stores but haven't seen any signs of that happening, their main ones still have For Lease signs in front and the old Tower Records and Books buildings on Broadway, which were really too small anyways to be of much use, were demolished in December.

TheBigDave 05-10-20 05:30 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?
What's the best site to sell used BD/DVD right now?

Why So Blu? 05-10-20 08:25 PM

Re: Second Spin closing?

Originally Posted by TheBigDave (Post 13739142)
What's the best site to sell used BD/DVD right now?


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