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What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

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What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

Old 02-13-19, 12:24 PM
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What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

Don't you still have to go to the store (when it's colder than the Artic and you might have car problems) and then when you get there,if there were people who also used In-Store Pick-up then you would need to wait?

Same goes for Grocery Pick-up? What if you are ordering online and you can't find anything you want ,wouldn't be easier just to go to the store and buy it in person and if you could find it online then just use a grocery home delivery service?

I could understand if you were driving home from work or just driving by the place to use In-Store Pick-up but to use it at home when more than likely home delivery is available(might cost alittle more) then that would make more sense.
Old 02-13-19, 04:37 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I don't normally use in-store pickup for things like groceries, and although you still have to drive to the store, it still saves you time. As far as not finding what you want online? I don't think that would be an issue. Stores wouldn't offer pickup if they made things impossible to find, and if I did have difficulty finding something I'd give my business to someone else who has it readily available. Yes, it may still take time to search for and checkout online, but in my opinion it's way easier and much, much faster to fill a cart and check out than walking up and down aisles and scanning shelves for what you want.

I do, however, use in-store pickup for things like some music and movies. Employees at my local Best Buy and Target seem to have a very hard time replenishing their stock or putting out new releases when they're supposed to, so although it says online that an item may be in stock, it doesn't necessarily mean it's out on the floor (and more often than not, it isn't). Sometimes I'll take my chances and go to the store later in the afternoon or evening and usually the new releases are out, but if I am picking up in the morning or if it's a title I absolutely have to have I do in-store pickup to ensure I get it. Same goes for big exclusives that I know will go quick. I've seen a slight improvement with Target over the past few months as far as being timely with new releases, but not much. I stopped shopping at Best Buy over a year or two ago since they've become so horrendous, so I'm not sure if they've improved really.
Old 02-14-19, 10:39 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I used in-store pickup at Lowes a couple weeks ago. I was trying to find a replacement door sweep for my parents' storm door, and while both Lowes near me allegedly had them, neither could locate any and I wasted a couple hours driving around. In frustration I bought one online from an outlying Lowes near where I'd be going in a few days for a job interview and figured I'd let them do the scouting. Third time was a charm...but I admit that was an unusual case.

I don't ever expect to do my grocery shopping online, unless one day I'm too infirm to walk/drive. I'm sure that's part of the thinking, as the US population ages but wants to remain independent. And I wonder if in part it's just "trendy"? Chains invest money in the concept for a few years out of concern that if it takes off, they could be left behind. I'm sure some people find it convenient, but I wonder if these are the same people who install the Safelite app (per the commercials I keep seeing) so they know their windshield installer will be arriving at 1:26pm instead of 1:25pm?
Old 02-15-19, 08:42 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

In the cases of Groceries I would say it saves time. In store pickup for walmart is great when it comes to physical media as their online selection is bigger than what they carry in store and no shipping costs.
Old 02-15-19, 09:54 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I couldnít see myself ordering groceries online. While I have a general idea of what I need before going into a store I do buy other things by browsing. I realize some of that is impulsive buying, but at the same time I maybe just see something that looks good or interesting for later in the week. I also know exactly what Iím getting by just picking it out. Seems like it could be easy to pick the wrong thing or whatever by buying it online.

Plus maybe itís me but Iím a relatively fast shopper. I pretty much go in for what I need and cover that stuff first while still browsing. Generally Iím not more than a half hour at most so not really a ton of time.
Old 02-15-19, 01:35 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I have been ordering groceries online(Shipt for Meijer) and so far so good this year. It's 99 dollars a year and free delivery as long as it's 35 dollars. Prices are a little higher but that's too be expected.

If you can't get to the store for one reason or another plus if you don't have the time it's a great service.

I read an article over at CNBC a few weeks ago and grocery delivery is supposed too really take off. Walmart is gearing for the end of next year to have it available in 1600 stores.

I haven't used fast food delivery services but I might in the future if more choices become available.
Old 02-15-19, 02:38 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I like in store pick up for things like at best buy or walmart where I know what i want.
Usually when something is on sale, or i have to do some purchase shenanigans (I bought the same thing from 2 best buys, both for in store pick up, because I had gotten burned with their inventory before and didn't want to risk not getting the thing I wanted.) Or I catch something on sale, but I may not go to the store before the sale's over.
A lot of my grocery shopping is browsing the aisles, seeing what's on sale, how the meat looks today, etc.
It could be a lot faster and more efficient if I ordered the same things, or had a more defined plan, but I don't do it that way.
I can totally see the appeal; taking 5 min at the grocery store instead of 20-45 or whatever, and having stuff loaded into my car.
I've never seen more than 2 cars in line at the grocery store I would most likely do this at.
Old 02-15-19, 02:56 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I'll do in-store pickup at Walmart, but it isn't a big time saver. The pickup desk is in the back of the store, which is a good hundred yards from the front, and the pickup desk usually doesn't have an employee at it. I do it so I don't have to shop at Walmart.

But I like shopping at the grocery store because of the variable quality. "Those oranges look good today. I'll buy some."

I have a friend who orders bulky items like toilet paper and maxi pads online. She doesn't have a car and big items are a pain to take on the bus.
Old 02-15-19, 10:51 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

Any in-store pick-up I've done has been a breeze at Best Buy for Blu-rays or Target for a TV. Order, buy, pick-up. Done.

My wife did in-store pick-up at Target this week for one small item and obsessed about it all day because if she didn't pick up by a certain time they'd put it back on the shelf? She seemed really confused. I tried to explain that's now how it works and that went over as well as trying to explain why the knives get just as clean blade-down plus we don't get cut. Nope. Not having it.
Old 02-16-19, 01:24 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

Walmart pickup generally is horrible - but I use it for stuff they sell online that's not in the stores and only if I don't have a large enough order for free shipping.

Walmart grocery was pretty good the one time I used it. I only purchased canned goods (not trusting some random stocker to pull fresh stuff) because there was a $10 off coupon for the first use. The "it's ready" email came in, I called to let them know I was on the way and what I was driving, arrived and they came out, checked ID, and loaded everything in the car. Worst part is the requirement to select a window for pickup. I didn't ask what happens should you have to miss that narrow time. I'd consider it again for pantry type products.

Target is OK but they started doing regular checkout at the service desk which means you have to wait in line with people doing normal checkout to get your order. If the line's short it's pretty good as your stuff is right there and takes them 30 sec. to get it for you.

Amazon "subscribe and save" works OK as long as you stay on top of your orders to avoid getting something for which the price jumped - a regular occurrence. It's often best for that service to subscribe, let it ship, cancel the subscription and do a new one the next time you need that product. The problem there is stuff goes in/out of the program with no warning so you can't really count on it for things you need. Just when you think the price is as good as WM and you won't have to go out they'll drop it from the service or the price will spike and you're back to going to the store.

Best Buy is the best. They have a special line/register and special parking spaces close to the door for pickup customers. It's rare anyone is in line when I get there and I often get an extra $1/item off the price for doing store pickup. It's also on the way to the comic shop so I do pickups on Wednesday and avoid a special trip.
Old 02-16-19, 03:33 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

^^ Walmart in-store pickup used to be horrible here too, but they recently put in a machine that handles it all, and so far it's worked great. It's sorta like a giant ATM that dispenses your order. You don't have to interact with any employees. It's now the best of the bunch (though I still rarely shop with Walmart).
Old 02-16-19, 05:50 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

The WM I last did a pickup at has one of those tower dispensers. It was horrible. It wouldn't scan the email barcode so I had to manually enter the order number and then the order wasn't in the machine so I had to wait for someone to show up and get it out of storage. When I complained about the scanner not working they said "Yes it did - see - there's your order on the screen" totally not getting that I'd said "I had to put it in manually." If I do a pickup again it'll be at the other store which has not yet gotten a tower.
Old 02-17-19, 09:48 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I can see it being useful for people with kids, the elderly, or the disabled. Or for people who place a very high value on their time.

I wouldn't use it for groceries, as I buy a lot of things on how they look and sale price. I also check the clearance section for slightly bruised apples or day-old bread that's half off. I have occasionally used in-store pickup when I buy things from work, and then pick up whatever items on the way home. Sometimes my wife needs something, and has the kids, so I'll order it from work, and she just picks it up from the front desk saving a lot of time.
Old 02-17-19, 10:31 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

Yeah I think the main thing is saving time. But there are some rewards/cash back programs if you order online too.
I don't think I would ever do grocery pickup unless it was for a few items. But when I grocery shop I check expiration dates, and there might be a similar product that is on sale.

I've done some non-perishable product pick-up orders at Sam's before. On a side-note, Sam's has a "Scan and Go" app. You scan the UPC's of the items you're buying then check out on your phone with your credit card. Show the barcode as you're leaving the store and they scan it and you're done. I love that.

With Walmart you can also check in with the app when you are on the way and they will have it pulled for when you get there.

I picked up something from Home Depot the other day. They have these lockers inside the front door. Scan the barcode on your phone and the door pops open. That was the best. Didn't have to wait in line at customer service/pick-up, didn't have to wait for them to pull your order.
Old 02-17-19, 03:15 PM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I don't do grocery pick-up because I'm 100% sure the person that will be picking the groceries for you will get all of the bad or dented products for you. I do Best Buy pick up once in a great while but the parking lot at my nearest BB is a clusterfuck, so I avoid them altogether.

The only place that I am satisfied with "in-store" pick up is my library system. I reserve something for free, I get the notification that it's ready, and I go to the self-hold shelves and take it to the counter/self-checkout and I am out of there.
Old 02-18-19, 06:34 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

Never used grocery pick-up, but have used in-store pick-up - primarily because it was something (usually a movie or piece of electronic equipment) that I didn't want to wait two or three days to get or felt better about getting in the store instead of possibly getting damaged in shipping. The "hassle" depends on, I suppose, how far the store is away from you. I've never had an issue with long lines at the pick-up counter. That said, I've almost always used this for Best Buy. I think maybe Target once for one of their exclusive Blu-rays.
Old 02-19-19, 08:29 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I'll use in-store pick up at Target or Best Buy to make sure something I want is in stock by the time I have a chance to go get it and like others have said, avoid walking around the store looking at shelves because inventory isn't always trustworthy.

Groceries I don't think i'll use. My wife and I were just talking about it since my local Stater Bros. grocery store has an Instacart shelf up for that sort of thing. For a lot of food, we would want to go and choose ourselves.
Old 02-19-19, 08:43 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

In store pickup at Best Buy, Target, etc make sense and I've used it. Grocery pickup... no thanks! And, at Walmart at least, don't you dare move the cart they use to shop for in store pickup. I've been yelled at numerous times even though the shopper is on the other end of the aisle or different aisle all together.
Old 02-20-19, 02:50 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

I would never use in store pickup for groceries -- wouldn't trust some pimply 16-year old kid to select the best quality items. (I always reach far in the *back* to get the freshest items!)

I'd only use Grocery delivery to home if I was truly desperate and / or became an invalid, couldn't drive, etc. The markup, mandatory "minimum purchase amount" and high "delivery charge" would make it far too expensive otherwise. Back in the day '70s most smaller local grocers delivered FOR FREE as a courtesy to patrons, many also allowed you to carry a monthly tab.

NOW, all smaller local grocers are GONE, nobody delivers for free, and we have an egregiously high "delivery fee" tacked on. Is that PROGRESS? Only in the name of greed!

Same story for Pizza-- no more "free delivery," now we have a high delivery free and minimum order amount. Balderdash!
Old 02-24-19, 10:52 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

A typical in-store pick up scenario for me is: it's Saturday night and Best Buy has something on sale that will go off-sale on Sunday morning. So I'll place an in-store pick-up order to get the lower price and have the convenience of picking it up when I feel like it.
Old 03-02-19, 07:00 AM
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Re: What's so great about-In Store Pick-up/Grocery Pick-up?

CVS tried to do curbside pick up for their front store items a few years back. It was one of the many stupid ideas t hff eyes came up with and they really don't have the resources to implement the plan. The idea was you could order items and pick up the items within an hour when you go to the store in the parking lot. The problem was just about every CVS store only has at most two front store employees at one time in the store, a manager and a cashier. Since they are already understaffed, the employees have no time to fill the orders. So a lot of people went to the store wait in the parking lot for the people to come out with the items that they purchased online for curbside pickup. And it wasn't ready. If there was only one employee in the front store at the time, the employee would have to decide whether to be ringing up the customers that were in line in the store or leaving those customers standing there and bringing the merchandise out to the curb side customer.

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