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Hastings just lost a customer!

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Hastings just lost a customer!

Old 01-16-15, 06:49 PM
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Hastings just lost a customer!

I strongly encourage Hastings customers to beware of doing future business with them. I recently ordered a CD from them . It was a deluxe 2CD Set with a 30+ page booklet. When it arrived, it looked like a truck ran over it, the booklet was missing except for the last page which had been cut out with scissors and attached the very broken jewel case.

I called customer service, and at first they refused to take it back at all. After talking to a supervisor, they agreed to take it back EXCEPT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY RETURN SHIPPING. He told me this is their new return policy. According to their policy, ANY used product may not come in the original case or have any of the original booklets. If you receive a product without the original packaging, they may not take it back and if they do, the customer must pay for return shipping. This same policy also applies to blu-rays.

Keep in mind, I have ordered from them probably 300 times over the last 3 years. That being said, I will NEVER order from them ever again.

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Old 01-18-15, 09:43 AM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

You should have asked for his name, his supervisor/manager's name, the president of the companies name, and the address where you can write a letter to the president. After he gave you that information you should then have explained that you will be mailing a letter detailing what you received & how that specific supervisor was unwilling to provide the high level of customer service that Hastings has always provided in the past. Also explain that due to this specific supervisor you will no longer be spending your money with Hastings and you will be telling all of your family, friends, co-workers, as well as posting your experience on the numerous review sites and message boards.

I worked in a call center for over 5 years, after spending 15 years in retail, and as soon as a customer mentioned writing or calling the president of the company my supervisors gave them whatever they wanted.
Old 01-18-15, 10:13 AM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

just do a chargeback. that usually gets their attention.
Old 01-18-15, 10:13 AM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

Was it used?

Their policies:
100% Product Guarantee

We strive to provide high quality products to our customers.

New Product
We 100% GUARANTEE all new products to be in new condition and in the original packaging.

*Exception: Video Games - In our retail locations, we remove the original packaging from some video games so that we can securely display the box. Therefore, a small number of video games may be repackaged with all of the original contents, in a plastic bag with an orange and white card stating that the item is a repackaged item. The product is still 100% GUARANTEED.

USED/Previously Viewed Product
We 100% GUARANTEE the full functionality of all used and previously viewed product. Due to the nature of used and previously viewed products; booklet inserts, digital content and manuals are not guaranteed in any used or previously viewed product. Select downloadable and online content/features may require an additional purchase.

Previously Viewed/Previously Played (PV/PP) - are movies/games that were rented in our retail locations. These movies/games have been reconditioned. This product will not include special features, additional discs, digital content, inserts or other inclusions typically associated with new product. Select downloadable and online content/features may require an additional purchase.

USED - is product we have purchased through our trade in program or from other merchant partners. These products are carefully inspected before purchasing and tested to ensure they have full functionality. This product may not include additional discs, digital content, inserts or other inclusions typically associated with new product. All items are reconditioned and packaged for purchase. Select downloadable and online content/features may require an additional purchase. Used products may also include promotional items.
Old 01-18-15, 10:19 AM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

Hastings sucks. Their stores are shit holes.

They were, at one time, a decent record store, but once they expanded into selling books and renting VHS they went downhill hard. Their book section is filled with yellowed, shopworn stock that looks like it's been sitting there for ten years, and most their CD and DVD stock is a bunch of beat up shit.

I can't imagine what you would get if you ordered something from them.

Interesting... If they won't guarantee that you will receive CD booklets or "original packaging" on their used items, does that mean they list everything as ACCEPTABLE on Amazon and eBay?
Old 01-18-15, 11:47 AM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

BeatlePaul, I feel your pain. I discovered GoHastings a few years ago and bought from them like there was no tomorrow. I made big orders, too--sometimes 15 or 20 titles at a time. On average, I would say that they sent the wrong or a damaged item once out of every twenty purchases. Two years ago, when I would complain, they would promptly refund me and tell me to keep the incorrect or damaged product. Sometimes, I would just eat the mistake, as I wasn't out a great deal of money and the hassle of complaining and getting my refund really wasn't worth it. For instance, I ordered a Squarepusher CD a while back and, when it came, the case and booklet were correct, but the CD it contained was one by Aphex Twin. I figured that I'd let that one slide, since I was only out $1.90 counting shipping and I didn't have the Aphex Twin CD anyway.

The last time I had an issue with them (which was in October, four orders back), I had ordered a used copy of Piranha 3DD from them on Blu-ray 3D, which was also supposed to include a 2D blu-ray, a DVD, and a digital copy. I knew not to expect the digital copy, but I was expecting everything else. What I received was a previously-viewed copy (which you can always tell by a sticker that goes around the hole in the middle of the disc that states that it belongs to Hastings) with no 2D blu-ray or DVD.

Naturally, I complained. They sent an email with a pre-paid label to print out and mail back. Once I did that, they received it and saw that it was, indeed, not what I had ordered, and refunded my purchase price.

The worst row that I had with them was when I ordered 28 DVDs from them at once, with several of them duplicates, so I could take a batch to work (where I have a DVD lending library) and have copies at home, too. One of the titles that I ordered two copies of was the 1947 Miracle on 34th Street. I received one copy of it, but the invoice in the package said that two had shipped. So I waited to make sure that it hadn't been sent in another package, but when all the DVDs except that one showed, I emailed them to let them know that it hadn't made it.

They emailed me back, saying that the tracking number showed that it had been delivered and that if there was a problem, I needed to take it up with the post office. I then replied with a LONG email explaining that, while I had ordered two copies of several films, NONE of them had shown up in the same packages, even though the shipping info said that they'd been SHIPPED in the same packages. I then concluded with this: "If you can't see fit to either refund my $3.15 or ship me another copy, I'll have no recourse except to go through PayPal to dispute the charge." They then refunded my money.

I swore about a year ago to never use them again, but I've found myself trying them every once in a while when they have something I want for a great price. As has been said many, many times across multiple threads in the Forum, ordering from GoHastings is a total crapshoot. Just go into it knowing that there's a really good chance that there are going to be some problems you'll have to deal with.
Old 01-18-15, 03:22 PM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

Thanks for all of the feedback so far.

Yes, it was used (not PVD)

I did get the supervisor's name and left a message for someone in the corporate office on Friday. I have spoken with corporate before about my experiences and they will get an earful this time.

In the past, they at least e-mailed a prepaid label to send it back. Now they no longer do that. So, if they send you a piece of crap, you have to pay out of your own pocket to send it back!

That should be illegal. Perhaps it is.

BTW, everything they post on amazon says "very good". In fact, I checked out this item in Amazon first and they listed it as "very good". as soon as I bought it, it went out of stock on Hastings and amazon, so I know it was their only copy. There is no way it was "very good. it was not even "acceptable".
Old 01-18-15, 08:33 PM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

Be sure they refund the sales tax if you send the CD back.

Old 01-31-15, 05:31 PM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

When I lose things, I check the couch cushions. They should check the couch cushions.

Their policy does not sound unreasonable to me. They guarantee the functionality of the media, not the appearance of the packaging. Having said that, arriving damaged (in transit) is a little different. I don't necessarily agree they should take it back as long as the discs work; however they should send you a new jewel case to place it in.

Devil's advocate -- how do they know you didn't destroy the packaging when you saw the full booklet was not there? Not saying you did, but I can see somebody doing that just to try to get a refund. Honestly accepting a return on music in general is problematic since it is so easy to copy the material.
Old 01-31-15, 05:37 PM
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Re: Hastings just lost a customer!

They are worse than Goodwill in my opinion. Strike that - I usually find good stuff at GW.

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