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wkkunkle 06-14-10 05:02 PM

Help Needed: Amazon.com DVD Exchanges: Some Questions
Hello All,

I recently purchased the Alien Quadriology set from Amazon.com and received it today. I quickly inspected all the discs and two or three of them seem to have scratches or "foggy" appearance. This is combined with the fact that the box they slide into is less than pristine.

I've never had to exchange anything with Amazon before and was just looking for some feedback as to if its a relatively painless process or not and how it works.

For example, will they send out the replacement first or do I have to send mine back and then wait for them to send out another? And, if so, what's the turnaround time like?

I hate to be picky; but, I'd hate for the few discs with scratches to stop working suddenly down the line ... so, I figured it would probably be best to get an exchange set. But, I'd really like to get the new set first and just swap out the defective discs (thereby eliminating the chance that different discs would have problems on the exchange). However, I may not go through the trouble if I have to send mine back first.

Anyway, thanks for any advice and/or feedback.

Jedi Master 33 06-14-10 07:03 PM

Re: Help Needed: Amazon.com DVD Exchanges: Some Questions
Completely painless. I brought a defected iPod recently. Within minutes of sending Amazon a email, they replied saying they were shipping a replacement out and to return the defected one within 30 days.

wkkunkle 06-14-10 07:07 PM

Re: Help Needed: Amazon.com DVD Exchanges: Some Questions
Thanks! I just did an online chat with them and they sent out the replacement using two-day shipping (really was hoping for overnight, but, at least it won't be a week before it gets here).

And I like that I don't have to send the other one back until the new one is received ... now, hopefully, between the two, I'll get a non-beat-up case and all scratch-free discs. :)

wkkunkle 06-16-10 11:15 PM

Re: Help Needed: Amazon.com DVD Exchanges: Some Questions
Just an update for anyone that cares ...

Received the new one today ... did my scrutinizing of each and every of the 9 discs in each set, a comparison between cases, and a pro and con mental list for each outer box, determining which of each was in the absolute best condition (both outer boxes were smashed in on corners and such ...).

In any case, my family thinks I am nuts ... but I believe I have 9 scratch-free discs. LOL.

Now it comes to watching them all in a 30 day period to make sure they don't skip or anything before the return period is up! :-P

Thanks again for the feedback on the replacement/exchange process. :) I just have tried to never have to RMA anything before, especially when Amazon went throught its period that time when they just randomly blacklisted people forever because of "excessive returns and problems."

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