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DVDPlanet Wipes Out Credit

Old 08-02-09, 06:29 AM
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DVDPlanet Wipes Out Credit

Hadn't planned on placing an order from DVDPlanet during the current 25% off sale (most prices higher than DD)...however, having read some of the comments from other DVDTalkers about using up their credit, DVDPlanet's possible demise, etc., decided that it might be a good time to use my credit.

Searched for a good deal & finally found Star Trek: Complete Series. Placed the order, used the 25OFFSALE coupon, & applied 1000 points ($40). Final price was $68...not bad at all.

Last night I got an email saying that the order had been canceled due to the item being "discontinued". Very disappointing, to say the least (it had taken some searching to find a large item comparable in price to DD). Nothing I could do about it, so thought I'd try my second choice.

Here's where it gets bad. Not only did the site tell me that the coupon code had already been used (For an order canceled by them? How did I "use" it?) but I discovered that my 1000 points are now MIA. It's bad enough to have an order canceled & then to have the sale code disallowed (I know another, but what if I wanted to place 2 orders?)...but it is infuriating that the $40 credit has been wiped out.

The sale ends tonight, and their CSR hours (phone & email) are Mon.-Sat (Saturday only until 5 P.M.). I sent an email but don't expect a response until after the sale is over. I have the confirmation email showing the FBC $40 discount, so I can prove that I had the credit in case they try to contest it. Still, I seriously doubt that they will allow me to place a 25% off order (even for one item) after the sale is over. I'll be lucky to get my $40 credit back, and will have to 'waste' 25% of it unless I want to wait until the next sale & hope they're still in business in November.

Extremely aggravating. If I can get the credit reinstated & use it, this is my final order with DVDPlanet.
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Old 08-03-09, 01:54 AM
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Re: DVDPlanet Wipes Out Credit

I had a heck of a time getting my points back from the sale six months ago when something got canceled. Their customer service denied I had used 600 points. Their people on the phone were impossible to work with. The guy who used to read complaints here in this forum named Jose fixed it for me or I'd not gotten my points back. Meanwhile I havent been able to even place an order during the sale because the site doesnt work on my computer when I get to checkout.
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Old 08-03-09, 06:28 PM
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Re: DVDPlanet Wipes Out Credit

Well, I called this morning right after the CSR dept. opened & got the credit reinstated (at least, that's what I was told...haven't checked yet to verify). When I mentioned that the savings code had also been invalidated, the CSR checked with a manager & came back & said that he "felt sure" that they would accept a 25% order under the circumstances "since it has only been one day since the sale ended". I thought about it then declined...there was no guarantee that the discount would be honored, or that the order wouldn't be canceled again (requiring another phone call to reinstate store credit, etc.). I was afraid that the order would get charged at full price & then they would either refuse to cancel the order or would not refund the store credit if the order was canceled. At any rate, I decided to just be grateful to get my $40 credit back & hope they're still in business in November for the anticipated fall sale.

At least it was faster to get straightened out than the call to DD...I had a 25-minute wait before getting a CSR on the phone to inquire about an order place July 17 that was still processing. A few items were still surprise there...but none of the other 10 items had shipped (even though two orders placed the day before had arrived within a few days). The CSR checked with the warehouse & then apologized, saying that she had gotten the order "unstuck" (her words) and that it should be on its way immediately. Glad I checked through all my recent orders...I knew a few items were missing but didn't realize an entire order was AWOL.
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