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josuff247 10-21-08 09:47 AM

Ebay Shipping to Portugal?
Someone asked what the charge would be to ship to portugal.
I really did not plan to ship out of the US, should I worry of Scamming?
It is a semi-Rare LP, which I expect to get around $100 for, so I want to
know if there are any percautions I can take.

Jacoby Ellsbury 10-21-08 10:44 AM

nothing is covered when you send overseas, roll of the dice. The buyer can scam you more often customs steals stuff

al_bundy 10-21-08 11:43 AM

make sure you don't accept paypal

check the usps website for estimated shipping

big whoppa 10-21-08 06:26 PM

I've shipped to Portugal twice. No problem but I accept sales worldwide. If you're not interested, just say so. I assume the only shipping option in your listing is the US. Paypal claims to give sellers some protection in other countries if certain conditions are met.

Troy Stiffler 11-01-08 05:27 PM

Originally Posted by big whoppa (Post 9019734)
Paypal claims to give sellers some protection in other countries if certain conditions are met.

Erm. Expect to NOT meet those conditions. Some of those conditions are unreasonable. If you can trust the person to meet those conditions, you might as well just do a COD with a personal check.

Portugal has never been a problem with us. Honestly, I ship 15-or-so int'l packages per week, for the past few years. Before that, probably 5-or-so a week for the previous three years. I'd say that 1/3 of those go to countries that I'd consider 'sketchy' (Africa, some of Asia, South America). I haven't had a chargeback in like five years. Seems to me that I shipped some cell phones to Russia and the guy did a $110 chargeback.

PayPal's signup process has become relatively safe. It's not just just as easy as "here's the cc #, give me my account and send the funds". Nowadays, the sketchy guys (well, almost everyone) has to sign up credit cards, verify their $1.95 cc charge (which they need access to the credit card's online/phone statement) and put a bank account on file.

The guy probably just wants a good album.

All that said - just tell him that he needs to Western Union the money. There's just a 15%-or-so fee that he needs to pay. If he's not okay with that, he's probably fraud. If he does agree to WU the money, you probably could have just taken PayPal.

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