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civiclx 10-18-08 03:43 AM

Any Americans Ordered From Ala Page in France?
With the use of babelfish, I am slowly completing my first order. I am just wondering if any other Americans have ordered from the site and if so, how the experience was. It seems easy enough.

Please post any information you have here.


BuddhaWake 10-19-08 06:42 PM

they are good but shipping is expensive. i think amazon.fr might be cheaper shipping wise also try fnac.com but they are all trusted.

civiclx 10-20-08 12:36 AM

i definitely use amazon.fr when i can but they didn't have something in stock that alapage apparently does. I have heard of FNAC but I haven't ordered anything from them.

thanks for the info. the shipping was pretty expensive but I'm happy to pay it for what I'm getting.

civiclx 10-20-08 01:21 AM

hey Buddha...just to clarify...have you ordered from them?

BuddhaWake 10-20-08 08:26 AM


civiclx 10-20-08 09:44 AM

are they a site like...say bestbuy where they only sell things that they carry or are they more like amazon and have a marketplace where other sellers can sell items? I bought the Prestige Edition of Gangs of New York and it said it was available for shipment in 24 hours. When I logged back in to check my order status I got a message under Information that said something about the stock status and availability updating because of all the different orders being placed on their site.

I forget exactly what the message translated out to but did you see that when you ordered? I was surprised they had the item in stock so I was afraid that maybe they were saying that it actually wasn't in stock.

have you heard of a site called bol.com? It's from the Netherlands I guess and apparently they ship to the US. What other international sites have you ordered from? Feel free to mention the different sites you've used and how your experiences were:)

Thanks again!

oh here is what I ordered:

BuddhaWake 10-20-08 10:13 AM

just like amazon you could buy directly from amazon or from one of the sellers in the marketplace. is almost the same set-up even the pages are similar. so if you ordered from the marketplace you would have noticed since is just like amazon.com. As for Bol.com I have not ordered from them but I do have an account there, i never pulled the trigger before since I found what I was looking for somewhere else. I can't remember if they ship to the US or not. Pieter Kuijpers told me about them and he said they were reputable since i wanted to know where I could pick up TBS once it came out. I still haven't order it though.

too many to lists but give me a country and I'll tell you where I've ordered from. or go to international and check the international etailers list.

btw, if you order from the marketplace they do not deduct the VAT which is ok if the price from the market place is low enough to make it a better purchase.

civiclx 10-20-08 10:22 AM

thanks for the quick responses! I'm pretty sure the one I got came straight from them. In fact, I just got an email saying that it has been shipped. apparently tomorrow I can start tracking the order.

have you found any shops in portugal or denmark? Have you ordered from any of the FNAC sites? I guess they have sites for different countries?
what about thailand? I placed an order with thaicdexpress.com and they billed me for an item listed as in stock but then I got an email saying the item was out of stock but when I went back to check their page...indeed it was still listed as in stalk.
Have you ordered from JSVD...something rather...site in Taiwan...that's great that you're available to answer my questions. I check out another board that has a lot of Europeans and I can't quite connect since the shipping might be different and stuff like that.

N-E-Way thanks again for all of your help:)


BuddhaWake 10-20-08 10:48 AM

portugal is nearly impossible. there is one place I ordered from but it was kind of expensive blueplanetdvd.com . you can try www.ArthouseCinema.net they are in the US and now that Tony at xploited are downsizing there are not a lot of domestic options. or try diabolikdvd.com but no portuguese stuff there unlike the other and at least for the portuguese stuff is cheaper there than importing it. believe me. as for FNAC i've ordered from the spanish site and the french. there is an fnac.pt but shipping for 2 dvds was so high that I don't consider it an option.
from thailand I have also used the one you mentioned as well as ethaicd.com which is cool for one or 2 but if you are ordering more than thaicdexpress is cheaper. I try not to order from taiwan a lot same as mainland china due to too many boots I just wait for the HK version or thai if worse comes to it.
From denmark I've ordered many times from axelmusic especially when they had the shipping free with a certain amount but they increased that to a lot higher so it gets expensive. they are highly recomended. you can also contact them via MSN messenger if you got questions etc. or go to internation and do a search for axelmusic

civiclx 10-20-08 11:03 AM

man you know all the sites:) do you happen to have a link to your collection?

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