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highclassrob 10-07-08 05:15 PM

Why is Blockbuster Choosey about "Unrated" titles...
I went into Blockbuster to rent "Feast 2" today and was really discouraged to see they only had the Rated R version available for rent. Same thing goes for "Mother of Tears" & "The Wizard of Gore". They have some sort of exclusive agreement with the Weinstein Co., that means you can only rent it there.

Now why in the hell would you agree to exclusively carry a line of movies called "Dimension EXTREME" and then insist on making only the not so EXTREME cut versions of the films available to your customers? And to boot....SELL the Uncut version in your store but not rent it! I'm pretty sure no horror movie renting customer ever ever ever wants the cut versions of their horror films. WTF?

Cheato 10-08-08 09:05 AM

If you ask them, they'll be glad to tell you. That would make more sense than ranting in a place like this. I believe its even in their membership agreement, but I could be wrong. Does Blockbuster have some kind of responsibility to carry unrated editions? I don't think so.

They carry the rated versions because (1) they consider themselves a "family" video rental spot, not one that caters to "extreme" tastes, and (2) they have a membership system that allows children to rent movies on their parents' memberships. The parents can authorize or restrict the ratings for their kids' rentals. An unrated movie is just that: unrated. It doesn't necessarily mean that it is more "extreme." It just means it was not submitted for a rating--or that a rating was not bestowed on it by the ratings board. Rather than open that can of worms by carrying films that could be anywhere from PG-13 to XXX, and in order to remain "family friendly," they carry only rated versions. Bastards.

Personally, I think anything that brags about its "extreme"-ness is either a joke, not actually extreme, or has been transported about 15 years into its own future. "Pulse 2" proves my point re: Dimension "Extreme."

spainlinx0 10-08-08 01:29 PM

You have valid points except that the OP mentioned that they sell the unrated version, they simply don't rent it.

Alan Smithee 10-09-08 04:06 AM

The biggest hypocrisy is that they still refuse to carry anything with an NC-17 rating, but will carry "unrated" movies that would have gotten that rating had they been submitted for one (like American Pie Beta House- that has a CGI cumshot in it!)

FILMCZY 10-09-08 09:37 AM

It is also interesting to note that Blockbuster Online shows the picture of the "unrated" versions, but sends you the edited in-store dvd...which to me is false advertising...

A better question is why does BB carry SOME unrated Dimension Extreme dvds but not others...?

marty888 10-09-08 03:13 PM

A better question would be "why do customers put up with this crap?".

highclassrob 10-10-08 01:54 PM

To answer Cheato I did ask the clerk and she had no real answer to my question. Does blockbuster have a responsibility to carry unrated version, in my mind yes they do. They helped get rid of all the mom and pop places that used to be around. Those places were cool and would have the versions I wanted.

Though I suggest you watch the difference between Blockbuster's version of "Inside" (A DE title) and then check out the real unrated version. You'll see a hell of a difference! Or Blockbuster's craptacular version of John Water's "A dirty shame", the neuter version which I rented not knowing the movie was nc-17 in its original form. They cgi-ed the word "boner" off a brick wall which to me in itself is funny and ridiculous.

Screw it I'm just going to netflix. I'll have to wait longer but I'll get what I want.

american-pie92 10-21-08 04:43 PM

God Pulse 2 Sucked I made it 15 minutes in and I was so disgusted!!!!!!!!!

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