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Living Dead 09-08-08 05:49 PM

Problem Signing up for Bill Me Later on Amazon... Any Ideas?
I've had a Bill Me Later account at DD for years. I recently noticed it as a payment option on Amazon and tried to sign up. But when I fill out the information page and click "Continue", the fields where I've written my birthdate and social security number go blank, even though all the other fields remain filled in. Then I'm taken to an error page and receive an email that they "can not verify some of my information."

Thinking something must be up with the site, I've tried multiple times over the past week. But each time is the same. I've used firefox and IE and tried form two different computers and I get the same thing every time. A call to customer service yielded the usual clueless idiot who just kept telling me my information must be wrong. For the record I am entering the exact same information I have stored in my Amazon account. I couldn't get this joker to even acknowledge the clearing information fields, he just kept talking over me to the point where I finally hung up.

Has anyone had this happen or know a way around it? That payment option is pretty much the only reason I buy from DD anymore considering how slow and shitty they've become. I would shop at Amazon much more than I currently do if I could use Bill Me Later.

dick_grayson 09-08-08 05:52 PM

billmelater checks one of your credit reports. if it's uncomplete in any way, then it could be why it's not going through. I kept getting denied billmelater and when I did the free credit report, it turned out that one of the companies didn't have me as being employed. WHen I fixed it, I was approved. Hope that helps....

Living Dead 09-08-08 06:17 PM

Well, I had a credit report as recently as 6 months ago when I bought a car and there were no problems. I have better than average credit.

It seems to me that the clearing information fields might be the problem, but I don't know what to do about it. As soon as it begins loading the information the fields go blank... I guess it's not receiving that information at all.

Xbox69 09-08-08 06:50 PM

If you already have a BML account then you should only have to proceed to checkout and choose that option as your payment method. No need to re-sign-up again as it works at various online stores with just a single account.

BMovie 10-16-08 05:33 PM

MovieStop has been installing Kiosks... all over the place in the in the midwest and east. Often in GameStop locations, but often seen at others like gas stations.

The kiosk will offer 3-15 bucks for a used movie, that makes the deal of 4:1 a bit better, you can likely get 2-3:1 new at that rate.

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