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reubs82 09-06-08 11:54 AM

Gamestop, Moviestop, and are they related?
I'm about to trade in an old game system, and I've also got some movies to get rid of. Ideally I want to trade up to a new game system, but I know I won't get enough for my old Xbox. Are Gamestop and Moviestop related, and has anyone found that the credit is interchangeable at the two?

JohnSlider 09-06-08 12:01 PM

The largest U.S. videogame retailer has opened about 40 stores under the MovieStop moniker in Mid-Atlantic and southern states. The stores buy, sell and trade DVDs, but do not rent. Locations either adjoin or are nearby GameStop stores.

GameStop, which has about 5,000 stores worldwide, is saying little about MovieStop. The company, which earlier this month said fourth-quarter earnings beat its forecast on higher per-store sales, doesn’t disclose MovieStop information in its public filings. Spokesman Chris Olivera declined to comment beyond confirming that GameStop owns MovieStop. MovieStop head Russ Howard declined to comment.
Not sure if the credits are interchangeable, though I would assume that they are. Best bet would be to just call Gamestop and ask one of their costumer service reps.

reubs82 09-06-08 01:19 PM

Yeah, I just went by there. I wasn't sure if my Xbox was in good enough shape to sell on Craigslist, so I just needed to get it off my hands. Since the credit never expires, I'll hold on to it until it becomes interchangeable at Movie Stop (or until I find a Wii at Gamestop). I was tempted to turn around pick up a Game Cube just for the Zelda games and Mario, but that will have to wait a little bit.

stingermck 09-06-08 04:57 PM

They are related, but Ive been told at Moviestop, that as far as credit goes, they are separate, and not interchangeable.

BobSchlapowitz 01-24-10 03:15 PM

Re: Gamestop, Moviestop, and are they related?
Sorry to bump an old thread, but does anyone know their policy on giftcards? Would a Gamestop GC be useable at Moviestop?

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