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civiclx 07-27-08 04:36 PM

Has Anyone Orderd From Amazon's Chinese Site?
I just found out they have a chinese site so I went to it and was looking at all the pretty pictures but I can't understand what the fawk is going on. Has anyone used the site that does not live in China i.e. lives in America?

Thanks in advance :)

civiclx 08-02-08 04:20 AM

well I'm trying to work my way through an order using babel fish. It is pretty cool as long as it's translating correctly:)

Has anyone ordered from them or any other sites from china?

civiclx 08-09-08 01:49 AM

finally figured out how to enter my credit card info and I placed my first 2 orders today :)

DirkUSA 08-09-08 09:30 AM

Let us know how it worked out.


civiclx 08-09-08 02:01 PM

will do. It will probably take awhile to get here. amazon.uk is very quick!! i ordered something from a Japanese 3rd-party seller via amazon's US site and it arrived in a little over a week and I just placed an order with amazon's french site this past week so I'll post how that goes. I'm thinking I'll be waiting awhile for these chinese discs though. there's a few other things I want to buy but I'm trying to restrain myself and wait and see how these first two orders go :)

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