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ESG927 11-04-07 10:18 PM

Expired BB Reward Zone certificate
I found today a Best Buy Reward Zone certificate (one that was mailed) that is expired. Has Best Buy ever honored an expired certificate?

Certain stores will accept their own expired coupons. I have a Hallmark reward membership thing and they accept their own expired reward coupons. Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens 'n Things, I forget which, will also accept their expired coupons.

It's only $5 but I'm kind of mad I didn't realize it an expiration date. I have another one that expires 12/1. I was saving them to get Lost S3 on release date so I'm getting double screwed here.

Any experience here?

jeffbrown 11-04-07 10:56 PM

i wouldn't say you are getting screwed, unless you are saying you screwed yourself. don't blame best buy for you not paying attention.

renaldow 11-05-07 12:33 AM

Yeah, pretty much. The expiration date is fairly large on those certificates, and it's not like they don't give you plenty of time to use them. You screwed yourself by not paying attention.

diggerbeast 11-05-07 01:22 AM

At least in my old store, they would not honor them. You can try but, don't hold your breath.

davethomasowns 11-05-07 02:25 AM

They're definitely not going to honor them. If they are expired it will prompt a message saying so and declining the use. There is no override besides the manager simply taking the value off the item, in which they will not be
reimbursed and seniors are explicitly taught to not do.

Only way they would really work something out for you is if they were a new employee and don't know policy.

ESG927 11-05-07 06:45 AM

hey now, I wasn't blaming Best Buy! I was just asking if anyone had any luck redeeming an expired one. I know it was my fault. but like i said it was only $5. Another advantage to printing them online is that you get an email reminder if you haven't redeemed it. Not the case with the mailed ones.

amd555 11-05-07 09:03 AM

you can call and tell them you never received your certificates and see if they send you new ones.

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