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gusamo 08-18-07 10:35 PM

What will you do now that Blockbuster has raised their prices?
What are you going to do?

SterlingBen 08-18-07 10:48 PM

and netflix has lowered their prices

Arpeggi 08-18-07 11:40 PM

Fuck Blockbuster.

GatorDeb 08-19-07 12:00 AM

3 out at a time: 17.99 5 exchanges per month

sassylaurie 08-19-07 12:18 AM

3 out at a time: 24.99 unlimited exchange
3 out at a time: 24.99 unlimited exchange

Signed up August 1st and as of today have received 20 movies by mail that I have exchanged in store for 20 free rentals. Plus still have 12 more days left on the pass this month.

tasha99 08-19-07 01:26 AM

Netflix. I was having big problems with Blockbuster sending me movies from way down on my list anyway (only 3 movies in my queue when I canceled were listed as "available.")

EdTheRipper 08-19-07 07:08 AM

I'm currently on the 4 out at a time plan so I'm not sure what my pricing's going to be like. I'm in my last month of a 50% discount due to not being shipped movies for weeks at a time. My next billing date is in the beginning of next month so I'll see what they offer me. I don't intend to keep the Total Access going because I very rarely set foot in the store.

Doc Moonlight 08-19-07 07:09 AM

Since BB CS has confirmed to me that I will continue to get 3 out for $17.99 a month, I'm going to sit tight and see what happens.

Artman 08-21-07 04:36 PM

Cancel. I don't anticipate renting enough in the future.

orangecrush 08-21-07 05:54 PM

I was at the $10 plan and usualy ended up seeing 2 movies/week. I will move over to netflix and see if their turnaround is faster than bb for me.

DJ_Longfellow 08-22-07 12:00 PM

I think I may go to Netflix...I really liked my free game coupon, the in-store exchange is nice, but my store does not carry Blu-Ray at all, so that is a major bummer to me.

lwhy? 08-23-07 05:11 PM

I am going to Netflix. I've never set foot in B&M the whole time I have my BB account. I am fed up with their website. Right now I cannot edit my queue or delete movies from my queue on their website. I have tried three different computers two different browsers and e-mailing their customer service (who are clueless and only copy and paste replies). I signed up for a free month of netflix and I really like how user friendly their website is.

SmartisSexy 08-24-07 05:26 AM

I hate Blockbuster, always have, always will. I have had Netflix since it came out and I have never been disappointed. The turnaround is quick, when I mail something in I get a new movie a day and a half later, this is usually consistent unless the local branch doesn't have the title (usually some obscure foreign film).

drsp 08-24-07 09:46 PM

Netflix 8 at atime
Our family will cancel both Blockbuster tomorrow. Today we joined Netflix 8 at a time....

Brian Shannon 08-27-07 08:08 AM


I have never rented a movie in my life

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