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eau 09-07-05 02:29 AM

DDD returns lost
I returned a damaged DVD (GITS:SAC V.7 LE) to DDD using their free return shipping label 4 weeks ago and I still haven't seen a credit yet. What would DDD do if the return package was lost in the mail? Do I end up incurring the loss?

jimnysf 09-07-05 02:53 AM

I have been having a lot of trouble with them lately. I get emails telling me that my DVD orders have been shipped but they never arrive. I've been waiting for as long as 6 weeks for one dvd.

dago2727 09-07-05 11:58 AM

Its been taking long for me as well to receive some movies as well, and they didnt receive 3 of my 5 returns over the past 4 months. They checked my account and trusted me enough to give me the credit for them after waiting around 4 weeks to get them back.

RMSpuhler 09-08-05 09:49 PM

I'm about eight weeks out from sending back my copy of Clerks X (came with two disc 2s), and not a word.


shawagg 09-09-05 02:42 AM

I too have had many problems with them regarding returns. They sometimes don't credit your account and you have to stay on top of them.

Ren Höek 09-09-05 10:45 AM

I waited more than two months for my last order. Called customer service a few days ago and asked for a cc chargeback which I received the following day.

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