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Blockbuster "No Overdue Fees" & NJ Laws

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Blockbuster "No Overdue Fees" & NJ Laws

Old 05-05-05, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Abob Teff
I am sick of the "I hate no more late fees, you never have anything!" I realize that the normal person doesn't see this, but the reason we don't have anything is because THEY WEREN'T SENDING US ANYTHING! The timing was horrible. During the early peak of EoLF it would be amazing if I received 30 copies of a new release. Many I only received 5 or 6 copies. Finally in the last month or so I am back to putting out entire bays of big new releases.

And as for the passes, look for the phase out to begin (actually it already has). Some areas are eliminating the pass all together, most are eliminating the 1-out and 3-out passes. Some areas will be raising the price, some won't.
Huh. I get a pass now and then to complement Netflix (school vacation months months etc, when the kids want to watch a lot of movies). Did Blockbuster find they couldn't compete with Netflix? I much prefered the pass to no late fees, because to me, renting a movie for $3 is almost always a waste of money.
Old 05-05-05, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Cheato
Those who are happy with it are the kind of people that live lives feeling grateful for good things. Those who are unhappy with it are the kind of people that have an overinflated sense of entitlement and even when good things happen, complain that they're not even better.
Thanks for generalizing!

I guess in the black and white world you described, I am one of those has an overinflated sense of entitlement, because the store had "NO LATE FEES!" plastered all over the place and I returned my dvds 4 days late and was promptly charged $25.

I'd like to see you blame this on me, since 4 is certainly < 7 and therefore I shouldn't have been charged the ridiculous amount. Oh well, like I said they've lost my business for good.
Old 05-05-05, 02:13 PM
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I think "no late fees" definitely has an impact on their inventory, even without knowing about the distributor's relationship with BB.
Brain Stew: I might have said this before, but in your case, it sounds like BB was definitely in the wrong. Under their new policy, asssumingthe store was 'participating', there's no room and no reason to charge you 25 bucks 3 days after due date. I would say you are an 'exception' [one of many] to those generalizations, because in your case, BB certainly didn't comply with their own policy/program, thus making them an exception as well. If, perhaps, your due date was 3/01, and the No Late Fees started 3/15, and you returned the disk 3/16, I think it would be reasonable for them to charge you late fees, at least for the period 3/1-3/15, since your rental agreement on 3/1 was not under the NLF program.
Old 05-05-05, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by calhoun07
I used to work there, too. I know there were people who came in just to rent ANYTHING that was new, regardless if they thought they would like it or not. Which is fine, if I don't have to listen to them bitch when they bring it back, but I can't tell you how many people rented Mulholland Drive then complained later on. They rented it, knowing NOTHING about David Lynch and the type of movies he makes. "Why did you rent it?" "It was there."

It makes scenes in Ghost World and the joke about the movie "The Moon that Drank the Flower" just all the more amusing to me.

Personally, I have never understood the "gotta have it now" attitude. Then again, I have quite a few DVDs, so if I don't buy a new title the day it comes out, no big deal, because I have a vast libary of titles that are unwatched I can fall back on. But even if I didn't have my DVDs....I don't know, I think I can find better things to do with my time. Maybe get the titles I missed out on that were new a few weeks ago? Of course, I never rent so that's beside the point.
You guys are bringing back memories. I worked as an asst. manager for BBV for about 5-6 years in the 90s. The best part of that job and what I miss most is screwing with the customers. We had so much fun with them, most of the enjoyment was silly and sort of like "you had to be there" situations.

When it came to new releases and availability, we'd have ridiculous conversations with those special customers that would wait for HOURS, staring at the return slot or drop box, waiting until somebody dropped a copy of the hot movie of the week. I remember some friday/saturday nights dedicated customers waited as much as 3 hours to rent a copy of Independence Day or Pulp Fiction or whatever. I also remember having to kick customers out that were waiting because I had to close the damn store. A week later, usually plenty of copies of the previous hot movie(s) of the week would be available.

I am going to have to blog all my BBV stories/experiences (at least those that I can remember).
Old 05-06-05, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Brain Stew
Thanks for generalizing!

I guess in the black and white world you described, I am one of those has an overinflated sense of entitlement
It seems that you're looking for a reason to get bent out of shape. I understand that you may have had a bad experience at a BBV over this, but try to be rational and try not to take it out on me. Either you didn't feel the following applied to you, or you just didn't read it.

Originally Posted by me
Maybe some of you here are different, but at least that's my experience in the store.
I gave you an out to allow yourself the luxury of feeling that it didn't apply to you, but you didn't want to take it. I don't think anybody's going to lose sleep over the fact that "they've lost [your] business for good." It's a free market. Enjoy it.

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