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*RG3* 11-17-04 06:56 PM

Best Buy Reward Zone Email Coupons - HELP!

I don't know where else to post and 1-888-Best Buy does me no help what-so-ever.

My problem is this. When I get my email for the rewards certificate coupons, I cannot download my certificate to print.

In Netscape/ Foxfire I click the link and nothing happens.

In IE I click the link and a box comes up saying to put in my membership ID. After I do that, the screen goes blank.

Has anyone else had these problems or more importantly figured out a way to print out these damn things??

I have $40 in certificates and I want them! lol

Please help!

eau 11-17-04 11:56 PM


Some people didn't get it to work. Others did but they had to use IE instead of NS or Firefox.

Forget about resolving it with BB. BB does't care.

nonametofame 11-18-04 01:06 AM

I tried it with IE and it works without a hitch....the printer menu should pop up as soon as you input your membership ID. I had problem once before with a certificate and a contacted Best Buy via email and a rep resolved my problem and re-issued me a certificate within days. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes BB does care.

hufferstl 11-23-04 09:52 AM

I had this happen twice with my latest round of coupons. I called the 1-800 # and they switched me to getting the coupons mailed to me. I would rather get them in the mail late then not be able to print them at all. I don't understand why its so hard to get them to print, but at least this way I know I'll get them.

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