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Yesasia vs Layoyo vs DDDHouse vs HiviZone

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Yesasia vs Layoyo vs DDDHouse vs HiviZone

Hi, I'd like to share my experience as well as asking your experience guys in shopping in these stores: Yesasia, Sensasian, Layoyo, DDD, and Hivizone.

First I'd like to tell you that I'm from Indonesia, well, to make long story short, I don't really trust my country's postal service so I never use regular airmail for delivery - I always use courier / express delivery. Thus, if I say in the following share that cost is cheap / expensive please keep in mind that I use express method, not regular.

I say that the merchandise is very extensive and the service is excellent. I see that they're using amazon-like system, so it's very well organized and the customer service is very helpful and friendly. So I say the site and service is great but also it pays to get them: the price is definitely not the cheapest - sometimes quite high ... But to be honest you can sometimes find good deal here, and in my opinion it's OK to pay a bit more but the result is more certain than having to speculate with lower cost but uncertain result. This one's OK for Indonesia, I don't know about other region.

I only use this once but it's OK. The site is more simple but surprisingly quite heavy to load. The price is sometimes cheaper than yesasia, and the shipping cost is also lower. But this one can only offer EMS as express courier (maybe that's why it's cheaper!). Surprisingly, actually I'm charged in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) instead of USD in my credit card billing! This one's OK for Indonesia, I don't know about other region.

Now, I would appreciate if you guys can share your experience in the rest of the stores: Layoyo, DDDHouse, and HiviZone. Are they reliable? I only know their prices are very attractive but I'm totally blind about their service, in this case - order processing smoothness (hassle-free?), customer care, handling complains, returns, etc.

It would be good if you can also inform where you come form, so I my know how they serve customer in different regions.
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I've used DDDHouse many times over the years and have nothing but good things to say about them. I've never had a mix up on an order, and when I received a bad disc one time they just sent a replacement out without any hassles, didn't ask for the bad disc to be shipped back at all. All of my shipments from them have been airmail, don't know if they ship any other way. I'm in the US.
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My experience from the US:

I've used all of the above over the years. These days, I primarily use yesasia, dddhouse and layoyo/dvdshelf. Layoyo has the most extensive catalogue but yesasia is close. Layoyo's shipping tends to be higher which balances out their lower prices.

Because I buy a lot of odd stuff like old movies from the '50s and '60s and yesasia frequently has them (vcds) for $5, I've been using them a lot lately. Also, since they ship from their US warehouse I don't have to worry about overseas shipping or customs, not that that's been an issue with the other sellers. But just an additional comfort factor. They also you some free stuff like t-shirts, magazines, free DVD for every 3 Korean DVD you buy. So they earn lots of goodwill from me. The downside, from the US, is that you can't get stuff like Hero or Shaolin Soccer because of rights issues. Also, US related, avoid their DVDs that say 'US version'. This is generally code for Tai Seng who owns US rights to distributing a lot of HK movies, except that their versions s*ck.

DDDHouse has excellent service but smaller catalog and no CDs, mainly I use them for current DVD releases. I tend to buy in bulk, 10-20 at a time so shipping is important to me, not speed but cost and packing/reliablilty. Layoyo is fast delivering once they fill the order if you use courier, which I recommend.

Bottom line, they're all good.

Sensasian and hivizone I've used but not in the last couple of years. I had no problems with them either. And if you need an EVD player, hivizone has 'em!

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