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holger 07-09-03 02:24 AM

Dvdsoon, anyone been able to place order?
I only get an error message after i have written the visa info and pressing the buy now button.


R, kim

Adrenaline 07-09-03 08:58 AM

I placed an order on Sunday night, it went through, it was listed under the pending order section then yesterday it disappeared off the pending order section, and there seems to be an error with the shipped order pages. I also never got email confirmation, I sent them an email yesterday asking about this, I haven't gotten a response back yet.

holger 07-09-03 03:28 PM

mailed them regarding this and anothe rmatter. Didn't seem the person was aware of the problem, asked me to wait a couple of minutes and retry, mailed them back where I told them it's been so for a week and there is others who is experiences the problem. Just wait and see what they find out.

Adrenaline 07-09-03 05:45 PM

I still haven't gotten a response back from them, called their 1-800 number a couple today and yesterday no one ever seems to be there.

Guess I'll have to wait longer on my Outer Limits dvd's :(

marty888 07-10-03 08:37 AM

Well, if they can't process orders, and therefore don't have orders to ship, then I guess their "free shipping" isn't gonna cost them much.....

Adrenaline 07-10-03 10:20 AM

They seem to be working on it, if you go into your account it's been updated but it's still not showing the order I placed 4 days ago.

Dah-Dee 07-14-03 11:23 AM

I placed an order last night and it's showing up today, when I log in, as a pending order.

Adrenaline 07-14-03 04:12 PM

The order I placed on the 6th isn't showing up as a pending order, DvdSoon said it shipped when I called them though.

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