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jarofclay73 06-13-03 11:15 AM

Costco has Fox 2-Disc Titles
I went to Costco in Honolulu recently to find that they are selling some rare Fox 2-disc titles:

The Abyss
Big Trouble In Little China
Cast Away
Cleopatra (3-disc)
Die Hard
Independence Day
Moulin Rouge (it's in a digipak and it has the cover art from the box set)

I think these titles are selling for about $12.99. Also, it says you can get $5 off the Daredevil DVD if you buy one of these titles.

Too bad they don't have Fight Club 2-disc though. I already have the ones I want. But this is a good deal if you haven't already bought these. And you can't find most of these 2-disc versions.

retihsuhnt 06-13-03 01:43 PM

They do have the Fight Club 2 Disk edition and this has been covered in another forum. Wild idea, look in the DVD Bargains.

eau 06-13-03 05:23 PM

Darn! $12.99 a pop? A related thread in the DVD Bargains forum mentions Costco having them for $16.99 each.

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