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xfilekr 05-17-03 08:22 PM

Selling DVDs
Hey, I swear I saw a thread about this awhile ago, but couldn't find it through searching. I wanted to ask you guys who was the best for selling used dvds to and their procedures? (who pays shipping, rejected items, etc) I'm not looking to get store credit, I'd rather get a check. I've used second spin.com before but wanted to check others. Thanks!

T. Bickle 05-18-03 12:21 AM

If you're looking for cash, SecondSpin or Uzed.com. Spun.com gives 1/2 their quoted price in cash and DigitalEyes recently changed to store credit only.

uteotw 05-20-03 05:46 PM

I always use ebay and have had great luck thus far. It's a good place to find people who don't know that a SE is coming out next week or that the DVD can be purchased new for $2 more than they're bidding. I've checked, and I definitely make more $$ on ebay than I would selling to secondspin.com (though I have told CDs to SS).

Michael Parks 05-20-03 10:41 PM

www.sellmydvds.com offers the best prices, and they'll pay you via Paypal, too, which is a huge plus.

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