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asabase 05-07-03 07:54 AM

Watch out for refunds from Borders using Amazon VISA
I made a purchase from Borders.com using my Amazon VISA. The gift card I also used didn't work so I called up Amazon for a refund. They put the refund though as an Amazon refund (3 points/dollar)

So I gained 45 points on the $45 purchase from Borders, then lost 120 on the $40 refund because of the giftcard screwup. So I lose 75 points for spending $5.

First I called BankOne. They say everything is right and I should contact Amazon. And really it is. Amazon credited it as an Amazon credit instead of a Borders credit.

So I contact Amazon. Of course they say it's not their problem, its BankOne's. I wonder if they even read their emails or if they just scan them for keywords and spew out form letters that are associated with them. :rolleyes:

asabase 05-07-03 02:54 PM

They still don't get it:

"Thank you for writing to us at Amazon.com.

I have researched your inquiry and found the incorrect amount was
charged to your credit card. Therefore, to correct this error, we
refunded the $40.00 back. Unfortunately, only $4.98 is eligible
towards the point system with your credit card company. If the
correct amount was charged originally, only $4.98 would have been

With this in mind, we will not be able to change refund. For future
reference, it is our policy to refund the original payment used to
the pay the order.

I hope this information is helpful and thank you for shopping at

eau 05-08-03 02:25 AM

Demand a $5 promo from them for your inconvenience and make yourself feel better ;)

Then spend the $40 at Amazon and get back the 120 pts you lost.

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