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JazzTimes10 04-21-03 03:03 PM

Which stores have the best/worst rebate depts?
In your experience, which retailers have the fastest/slowest response times in terms of rebates?

for me, Best Buy's and Microsoft's own rebates have always come on time or weeks earlier than expected. On the other hand, my recent experiences with Amazon and CompUSA have been colossally disappointing

~~ PAL ~~ 04-23-03 09:35 AM

Best - Staples, Best Buy

Good - Office Depot, Amazon, Circuit City

Worst - CompUSA

kelnic 04-23-03 10:12 AM

ripoff by DVDIMPORT.com
Back in 22 January 2003 I ordered a DVD from DVDIMPORT.com which my credit card was debited for & supposedly sent. 24 Feburary I emailed them that I had not received it. They emailed me back to say not considered missing till after 60 days & to email after that if it had not arrived. April came so I emailed them to say no disk had arrived. No answer! So I emailed them again & again, even left them an email on their site. 3 weeks later still no answer!!!!!!!
I have bought 65 DVD's over about 3 years through a few different companys I have never not received one yet. Since this has happened I even emailed the other companies I've dealt through before to see what happens if a disk goes missing & they all said they would replace it.
So stay away from DVDIMPORT unless you want to get ripped off.

CaptainMarvel 04-24-03 05:01 PM

I have had tremendous difficulties with Office Depot, so much so that I finally got fed up and sicced my state's Attorney General office on them.

I've had problems getting rebates back from things I've bought off Amazon, but that's because the stupid rebate center these places use (wheresmyrebate.com) is slow and evil.

Quatermass 04-25-03 09:28 AM

I have always gotten my rebates from OfficeMax without any hassles.

Red Dog 04-25-03 01:25 PM

Costco is awesome. You just have to fill in your info in the rebate form (basically a 2nd receipt printed out at the register) and send it in. Fast turnaround.

tjr2mental 04-26-03 06:27 AM

CompUSA is by far the worst. I bought a drive from them back in Jan. and I am still waiting for the 100 dollar rebate. Only problem is, I do not know who to call about it as I did not keep a copy of all the stuff that I sent them. :(

Beginning to think that I will never see my money again.

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