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Frank TJ Mackey 07-08-02 08:01 AM

is HKflix safe?
I've never ordered from HKflix and I was wondering how good are they on getting orders out on time etc.

What would be a long time to wait if you chose regular shipping from them ($4.95)?

Are they actually located and shipping from Los Angeles or somewhere in the U.S.?

just wanted to get Battle Royale so thanks for any help.

Copenhagen 07-08-02 10:15 AM

I ordered Kurosawa from them awhile back with no problems at all.

joelgee 07-08-02 02:05 PM

I'm in MI and I've ordered a number of times from HKflix. I couldn't say exactly how long it took, but I know it took less than a week from placing the order to receiving my stuff.
Not sure, but I think they ship from HI.
It should be a good experience.

speedy1961 07-08-02 02:20 PM

No problem through 12 orders. Nice place to order from.

UAIOE 07-08-02 04:07 PM

I've ordered from them on several occasions (about 4-5) and i have never had a problem with them.

One time i had a disc arrive that was scratched (that affected play) and i had no trouble getting it replaced.

Frank TJ Mackey 07-08-02 06:50 PM

thanks for the feedback guys.

i've gotta order Battle Royale

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