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uteotw 06-25-02 11:55 AM

Why Say Just "LOW PRICE"?
Just wondering why places like Best Buy and Circuit City list the prices for nearly all their DVDs except for a new release or two, in which case they just say "LOW PRICE." Why?? I want to know BEFOREHAND which place has it the cheapest! (e.g. A Beautiful Mind for 6/25). Someone please explain.

Brak55 06-25-02 02:19 PM

It's a legal thing with the movie companies. They have a "minimum advertised price" for each DVD and, if BB or CC advertises lower than that, they will get penalties against them in the way of lost co-op advertising dollars, special promotions, etc. from the movie company.

Basically, it means they are selling it for a lower price than the companies will allow them to print.

davejt1 06-25-02 02:39 PM

I know what you mean - it's a pain, but I just call those stores first thing on Tuesday morning and get the price. That way, I know which store to drive to after work.

FYI - Here in Cleveland, both BB and CC have Beautiful Mind for $17.99 (don't know if prices vary by region or not). I'm sure you already know this, but the packaging for both WS and PS versions looks similar.

uteotw 06-25-02 06:23 PM

Thanks for the good replies. I also called & found out they were the same at BB & CC. Strangely, at CC the widescreens were all in a promo display but back in the regular alphabetical sections EVERY one was PS. I panicked at first but later found the separate display.

dvdirv 06-30-02 03:09 PM

If you want an even easier way to see what the real "low price" is, just go to Best Buy or Circuit City's web site and click on the price as if you were ordering it and, presto, the actual low price appears.

Keep in mind, you can't do this any earlier than the Sunday before the Tuesday street date!

I used to buy most DVDs on pre-order on-line, but of late the local stores actually have better pricing. The above technique really lets you know what the actual price will be! :)

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